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The creature learns about the history of civilization and all the wars man has waged on one another. 4. What does the creature realize about himself when he begins to compare how humans gain power and respect to how he achieves those things? How does his new self-awareness make him feel? The creature realizes he is the only one like himself that exists and he is monstrously ugly and utterly alone. He asks “What am l? ” and “Who am l? ” He is in pain and misery. 5. What does the creature learn about family and parental relationships? How does that make him feel about himself?

He watches the De lacy family and learns about their love and compassion for one another. He longs for companionship and feels wretched. Page 1 of 15 LITERATURE STUDY QUESTIONS Chapter 14 6. What did Felix do in Paris that resulted in his family being exiled from France and forced to live in this cottage in Germany? They tried to help Gaffe’s father escape. 7. How did Safe manage to avoid the fate of having to return to Arabia with her dastardly father, and instead make her way to the De Lacey cottage? She found letters intended for her father that included the directions to Felix.

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Page 2 of 15 Chapter 15 8. After reading the books that he finds in a satchel in the forest, what comparison/contrast does the creature make between himself and Adam from the Bible? 9. What other reading material does the creature suddenly find in his coat pocket? Now that he Can read, what does he learn about Victor from this material? He finds Victors notes and learns who his creator is. 10. What is going on in Victor’s life during this part of the creature’s life? (Peek back at Chapter 6 if necessary. ) He is hiking and resting in Geneva. 11.

How does the creature plan to gain his first entry into the cottage and acceptance from Felix, Ghats, and Safe? How does his plan go wrong? The creature does things like clear their path for them and bring them firewood. He also learns to speak so that he can talk to them. The are frightened by him instead. Page 3 of 15 Chapter 16 12. What do the De Lackeys decide to do with their cottage after the awful scene at the end of Chapter 1 5? With what feelings does the creature react to this decision, and what does he do to the cottage as a result? They fled the cottage. The creature acts out of anger and burns their cottage down. 3. What takes place as the creature travels through the forest on his search for Victor that makes him ‘Vow eternal hatred and vengeance to all mankind’? He sees a drowning girl and tries to save her but her boyfriend tries to shoot the creature. 14 Who is the boy that wanders near while the creature was resting in the forest? What does the creature plan to do with him before he learns the boy’s identity? William Frankincense is the boy. He wanted to raise William to not hate him. 15. Who is the woman the creature finds asleep in a barn? What “mischief” does he decide to do while holding the portrait and watching ere sleep?

Justine is sleeping in the barn. He put the necklace in her pocket. 16. What demand does the creature make at the end Of Chapter 16, and why? He demands a companion. Page 4 of 15 Chapter 17 17. How does Victor react to the demand? What consequence does he expect to get for his reaction? At first he disagrees but then he agrees to do it. 18. What promise does the creature make if Victor will agree to his demand? He agrees to live in the deserts of South America and stay away from humans. 19. Why does Victor find it hard to believe this promise? He knows the creature craves human interaction. 0.

What decision does Victor finally announce to the creature about his demand? What is the creature planning to do while Victor carries out his decision? He decides to make the female companion for the creature. The creature says that he will stay and monitor Victor. 21 . How does Victor look to others, feel about himself, and behave toward his family when he arrives home in Geneva this time? He is and looks happy and healthy. Page 5 of 15 Chapter 18 22. How does Victor feel when his father offers the idea that perhaps an immediate marriage to Elizabeth might cure Victor’s remaining melancholy? Why does Victor feel the way he does about it?

Victor refuses, unwilling to marry Elizabeth until he has completed his obligation to the monster. 23. Why does Victor want to travel to England now for the next few months instead of staying in Geneva? Who did Victor’s father arrange should travel with Victor? Who else is probably going to “accompany” him? He arranges Cleaver to travel with Victor. Alphorns is also going. 24. When Victor interrupts his own story and says the line near the end of Chapter 18 that begins with, “Pardon this gush of sorrow; these ineffectual rods are but a slight tribute… ” What outcome for Henry do you think he is referring to (that has not yet happened)?

He is referring to Henrys death. Page 6 of 15 Chapter 19 25. Describe how Henry and Victor’s attitudes about their six months in London are different. What is each of them hoping to gain from this journey? Cleaver was occupied with working on making connections towards the progression of colonization and trade with India and Victor was eager to start his new project which was making the creatures companion. 26. Describe the place where Victor goes when he leaves Henry behind at heir Scottish friend’s house and travels to the farthest northern part of Scotland he can reach.

What is it like there, and why do you think he chose this location for his work? Its a desolate and appalling landscape and it mirrors the desolate and horror in Victors heart. Page 7 of 15 Chapter 20 27. What thoughts make Victor change his mind just before he was about to complete the female? Who is watching through the window as he destroys the female? Victor changes his mind because he does not want the female to breed other monsters. The creature sees Victor tear apart the body. 28. Describe Victor’s explanation when the creature enters the hut to confront him about destroying the female.

What promise does the creature make as the last thing he says to Victor before he rushes out of Victor’s hut? He said that he will never create another being like the creature. The creature says he will “see him on his wedding night. ” He vows to destroy Victor’s happiness. 29. What does Victor believe is the real meaning of the creature’s promise? He believes that the monster will kill him on his wedding night. 30. What is in the basket that Victor hauls out to sea in the middle of the night n a boat? The female creatures remains are in the basket. 31 .

What country does Victor land in after he falls asleep in his boat and drifts for so long? Why do the villagers there speak so rudely and suspiciously to him? He lands in Irish Shore and they think that he is a murderer. Page 8 of 15 Chapter 21 32. What is Victor’s physical reaction when he hears one of the villagers giving testimony about what he had found while coming home from a fishing trip? What did the witnesses and Mr.. Jerkin, the magistrate, think as a result of Victor’s reaction? He knows that it was the doing Of the monster that he reared. He is agitated.

They thought that he was agitated because he was caught. 33. What has Mr.. Jerkin found out about Victor while he lay unconscious in a fever for two months? Who has Mr.. Kit-wring summoned to come from Geneva? Victor was innocent. He summoned Victors father. 34. What is the outcome of Victor’s criminal trial? What evidence is given to prove this? Victor is found innocent because he was on the Orkney Island the same hour when the body was found. 35. What is the “one duty” on Victor’s mind as he and his father sail away from Ireland on their way home to Geneva? He wanted to put an end to the creature. Age 9 of 15 Chapter 22 36. When Victor becomes too ill to travel and has to stop in Paris for a few weeks of rest on the way home to Geneva, he often refers to himself as the “murderer” of Justine, William, and Henry. Why does his father not believe him and direct him not to say such things? His father thinks that he is just delirious from his illness while he was imprisoned. 37. What does Elizabeth want to know in her letter to Victor? What does she say is the only way their marriage can truly make her happy instead of “eternally miserable”? What is Victor’s answer to her inquiry?

What does he promise he will do the day after their wedding? She wants to know if Victor really wants to marry her or not. Only if he truly loves her and really wants to marry her it would make her happy. Victor says that he would die just to make her happy. He promises to tell her the story of the monster. 38. After Victor and his father arrive home and a date is set for the wedding, what precautions does Victor take as he prepares for it? What does he pack? Where will he and Elizabeth go for their honeymoon? He carried pistols and a dagger with him everywhere he went. 9.

In the boat leaving Geneva after the wedding, what sort of mood does Elizabeth try to present for Victor’s sake? What sort Of mood does he nonetheless notice she seems to feel? She seemed happy but he notices that evil has pervaded her. Page 10 of 15 Chapter 23 40. Why does Victor send Elizabeth to bed earlier than himself in the town of Avian on their wedding night? He figures the monster will be coming for him now. 41 . Was Victor’s understanding of the creature’s final promise to him in the hut in Scotland correct? What had he believed the creature planned to do on this night?

What did the creature do on this night? No, his understanding was not correct. He believed that the creature would kill him. The creature killed his wife instead. 42. What does Victor see outside the window as the other people of the inn are gathering in his bedroom to find out what is wrong? He sees the monster jeer as he is pointing to Elizabethan body. 43. When Victor rushes home to Geneva in a panic that his father may be in danger, what news must he deliver? What does this news cause to happen to his father? What then happens to Victor for the next several months when he loses sensation’?

He must deliver the news of his wife’s death. Alphorns has a heart attack and dies and Victor was put in a solitary cell. Page 11 of 15 44. What reaction does the magistrate in Geneva give Victor when Victor tries to tell him about the creature and demand legal aid in hunting and punishing him? The magistrate tells Victor to prepare for disappointment because the law can do very little to capture the creature. 45. Why is it ironic that Victor says to the magistrate, “Man, how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom! Cease; you know not what it is you say”?

The irony that this represents is the fact that Victor himself was very prideful and ignorant at the same time because due to his ambition he let his idealism get the best of him. No matter how hard he tried he was both prideful due to the lack of responsibility he had towards his creation. Page 12 of 15 Chapter 24 46. What does Victor say will give him strength and preserve his life while he hunts alone for the creature? The revenge that he will get from destroying the monster. 47. How does Victor gain the trust and aid he needs from villagers in all the various countries through which he chases the creature?

The villagers have seen and been frightened by the creature. 48. In his daytime “hateful life,” what is the one thing that Victor looks forward to each night? Why is it so important to him? He looks forward to his dreams each night. They are important to him because he gets to see his wife, friend, family, and his country each night. 49. In what ways does the creature continue to emotionally torment Victor whenever he senses that Victor might have lost his trail or might begin to give He cuts taunting messages into trees and stones. 50. What sort of surroundings are there when Victor tries to catch up to the return by dogsled?


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