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Understanding the Impact of Organizational Culture on Project Management by Ft

Understanding the Impact of Organizational Culture on Project Management The use of project management is a very helpful tool. It eases the project and lets everybody involved in the project understand what is going on and what the next step is going to be. It is a way of making sure everyone is on the right page and it helps with the organization of the project and all of its phases.

Some of the key organization elements that can affect the development and maintenance of a supportive organizational culture is the lack of team work and working together. The organization is divided into departments in which each department works on a specific part of the project. This can affect the project tremendously because a department doesn’t really get to see what the other department is working on or what the next step is or how to prepare for the next step if there is a change along the way.

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Working like this can be very difficult and may produce major problems within a project when departments are located in different locations of the region or even country. A functional organization that is seeking to move from an old adversarial culture to a project thinking cross-functional cooperation has to be open to change. In order to make an functional organization culture thinking cooperation change to a project thinking one they need to understand that new strategies will be in effect, new procedures and new rules.

To make this work they need to understand that they must to work as a team to make their outcome in the project more efficient and to facilitate the various steps of the project. Also by working together and sharing resources and information they can accommodate any changes along the way in a timely manner without having to do it at the last minute. Project management can ease the project in many ways.

It uses written guidelines and rules on how a team must work to complete a project. It breaks down the project into different steps or phases and allows a time frame for each phase to be completed. The written guidelines and rules are the most important because it says this is how we want it done. It eliminates people working from B to C to A, and lets everyone know that you should work A to B to C to be efficient and deliver the project on time and correct.


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