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Troubleshooting Installation

Troubleshooting Installation

Troubleshooting Installation
Scenario One
Recover data:
Recovering data that is not backed up is always the priority. There are two ways to try to recover the data.
The first thing that I would try is to boot the computer in safe mode.
1. Shut down the system
2. Restart it in safe mode by tapping the F8 key
3. Click Enter the computer will is now operating in safe mode
4. Now I would attempt to back up all of the information on the system to an external media storage, such as an external hard drive.
5. If this works I would then reinstall Windows 7 on the system. If it did not work I would do the following.
If the system is corrupt to the point that it does not boot I would consider removing the drive and installing on another computer as the second drive. Using this option works because the hard drive does not have to boot up. This will only work if the file system on the hard drive is intact.
The following steps are how to move the hard drive and connect it to a working system to recover data:
1. Power down the system.
2. Open the computer case and place drive on the case and connect a power cord and data cable
3. Power up the system making sure not to touch the case or drive.
4. When the computer has started log onto Windows using the Administrator Account, this will give you access to the newly installed drive.
5. The system will find the new drive and assign it a drive letter.
6. Using Explorer, copy the files from the corrupt drive to the primary hard drive on the system or another storage media.
7. The preferred method would be to another storage media.
8. If this does not work I will not be able to recover the information from the system.
Re-install Windows 7
You can reinstall windows from either a recovery disk or a Windows 7 DVD
1. Insert the disk into the optic drive
2. Restart the computer
3. When prompted press any key to continue
4. Choose language settings and click…

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