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Training Assessment

Training assessment proposal
Date Introduction
For every retail store to be successful, human resource managers train and develop their employees with the aim to better the performance of individual employees and groups in that retail store. The known high performing today recognize the requirement of using the best development and training practices to boost their competitive benefit. Development and training is a critical aspect of all the business, in a case where the value and people potential is to be exploited. Training is a procedure that entails the acquirement of knowledge, sharpening of rules skills, concepts, or changing of behaviors and attitudes to develop the performance of the employees Fitzgerald (2002).
According to McNamara, training is referred to be an educational event, he added that training comprises of learning and presentation of content as a way of facilitating skill development while improving workplace behaviors. Further, learning is seen to be a lifelong procedure that transforms experience and information into behaviors, knowledge, attitudes and skills. Training is also described as a process in which experience results in behavior takes a new direction (Rogers, 2003). Finally, development can be termed to be the framework that aids employees in broadening of their interpersonal skills, personal skills and, abilities and knowledge (Heathfield, 2011). Development includes factors such as career development, mentoring employee training and al development. Training and development offers the employees an opportunity to perform duties to their best abilities (Heathfield, 2011; Rogers, 2003).
This paper will discuss in details the training, learning and development in human resources. It will further look at the process of learning, the main aims of employee learning as well as training process and employee development as implicated in human resources.
Learning is often…


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