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This Theory Of The Universe Is Based On The Ideas Of A Caveman, Named

that lived
many thousands of years before the birth of Christ. His observations were made only
through the use of his body, for there were no tools to aid him in his findings. His findings
were based on his observations and the accepted views of the world during his lifetime.
This is what he had to say:
The earth was the center of the universe. This is an absolute, indisputable fact
because it is obvious that the moon, sun, and other heavanly objects travel in paths around
the earth. This is true, to the fact that certain objects appear in different parts of the sky at
different times during either day or night.

The shape of the universe is a large sphere. The outside boundary of the sphere is
known as The Great Realm, this is where the stars are located. Between the realm and
earth is a large void of space in which the moons, sun, moon spheres, and the larger stars
are located.

In the universe the earth is the only stationary object, except fot the great Fire
Star. All other objects move around the earth. The earth is a sphere that is
suspended in space, and the outer sphere rotates around it. There are holes in The Great
Realm which give us a glimpse of heaven. The color depends on the area of heaven being viewed
and what is contained there, and which god is watching. These holes, known as stars, let the gods
see through and when someone pleases them their sole will go there, for it is a beautiful land
of magnificant colors. The fact that The Great Realm is rotating around the earth explains
why the stars move across the sky but still keep the same reference to one another. Sometimes, a
star wil appear that hadn’t been there before. This is due to the fact that someone in heaven wants
to view the earth but can’t get to look through the other stars.

The other heavanly objects are located in the void of space between earth and the
The Great Realm. The sun, is the huge, flaming sphere that moves around the earth in an
irregular pattern that goes from the east to the west. The sun revolves at more of an angle
than the others. The sun’s pathed must be fueled by explosions of energy from within it.
The energy is higher in the day, proven by the fact that the sun is goes higher and higher
into the sky and stops around the middle of the day. The energy starts to decrease after
that because the sun goes lower in the sky until sunset at night. During the night the sun is
on the other side of the earth, where we can’t see it. There it gathers the energy it will use
the next day to go across the sky. Since it continues to travel around the earth, is rises and
sets in the same directions everyday.

In the summer months the sun is closer to the earth which helps it gain energy from
the earth’s heat. This allows the sun to use up this energy to move itself farther from the
earth during the cold winter months. Since the sun is farther away it moves out of sight in
a shorter time period, which makes these days shorter than the summer. While in the
summer, the sun is attracted to the warm earth and is close to the earth. This results in
longer days during the summer.

The larger stars which are known as planets, like the sun, travel in irregular paths
around the earth. Unlike the other stars, they are located in the void of space. The planets
are like earth but have different terrains to them. The make-up of their terrains is what causes there
color. The one that is red is obviously covered in volcanoes and that the redness is all lava. They
can usually be seen at sunrise and sunset, which is when they are brightest. They are similar to
earth but aren’t as important to the gods. That is why they move around the earth, and aren’t
stationary. They are obviously smaller, because of the fact that they move. These differences are
because they are less than earth in the eyes of the gods. The planets are sometimes moved by
energy explosions within them, like those in the sun. The explosions make the planets appear to
move backward. When the explosions stop, the planet goes back to its original movement around
the earth.
The moons are also located in the middle of the universe. They are both spheres and are
located on opposite sides of the earth. One of them is often seen during the day. This one doesn’t
give off any light. The other one gives off light and is the moon that is seen during the night. The
moons move at the same speed around the earth so they stay across from each other, so that they
can’t be seen together.

Both of the moons have twin spheres that are located near them. The spheres move back
and forth in front of the moon, that cause the moons to take different shapes. The sphere near the
night moon is dark and the one with the day moon is the same color as the sky. Each sphere starts
at one end of the moon its near. It slowly moves across the moon to make the different shapes that
are seen. This happens over a period of around 30 days. When the sphere is directly in front of the
moon it is blocked from view. The spheres move the same as the other objecs in the universe, by

Sometimes, the sun moves into a spot which will allow it to cast earth’s shadow onto the
moon. It is very rare that the sun and moon are in these exact spots. When this happens, only the
outer rim of the moon is visible. Also there are days when the moon is in front of the sun. This
causes only a stream of light to be visible from around the moon.
There are also objects called meteors located in the void of space. They are groups of
space rocks that move around the earth in irregular patterns. The rocks are usually far apart but
sometimes the rocks collide with one another. When this happens, pieces of rock bread off and fall
towards the earth. They usually catch fire as they fall and when they hit the earth they make large
holes that are known as craters. Occasionally, when rocks collide only a spark is cause which
makes one of the rocks catch fire. It only burns for a little while, and resembles a star. But the fire
soon goes out and the rock continues its orbit.

The Fire Star is said to have been created from a collision between rocks a long time ago.
That is why it is stationary and located just outside of the meteor’s orbit. It is called the fire star
because the fire is so bright that it is brighter than any other star. The star sits motionless in space,
just inside the Great Realm. The star is used by many people for direction and other navigational

Another strange phenomenom is the beautiful display of colors in the direction of the Fire
Star. This display of colors happens when the gods get bored. They like to make the earth look
pretty and make the waves of light. There are two main reasons for this. 1) is that they like to see
the pretty colors and 2)