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There Are Many Definitions Of The Word Blindness In The Dictionary. Tw

oof them pertain to the story about Oedipus and Teiresias. Both of the men are
blind, but they each possess a different type of blindness. The type of blindness
possessed by Oedipus is probably worse than the type of blindness possessed by

Blindness, as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary, can mean one
of two things. The first definition is sightless or complete loss of sight. The
second definition is the inability or unwillingness to perceive or understand. This
definition would be used in a sentence as: one’s blindness to another’s faults.

When I think of the word blindness I think of it in two respects. The first
way is just not being able to see; this is the type of blindness Helen Keller had.

The second way is someone being unwilling to realize something they know will
make them unhappy. I think that the second way can probably be a lot worse
than the first because it may make a person extremely frustrated. Even though
the first definition may also frustrate some people, they could learn to live with
their physical blindness. An emotional blindness would be a lot harder to deal

Oedipus acts very blindly in this story. He does not let himself realize that
he caused Laius’ death. He never even lets the thought enter his mind until it is
forced upon him. It is very hard to believe that a king would never inquire about
the preceding king’s death, especially if he is married to that king’s wife.

Oedipus obviously does not give it too much thought. Oedipus also becomes
physically blind, but this physical blindness is caused by his emotional blindness.

His blindness on the outside can not change the blindness on the inside.

Teiresias is physically blind, but unlike Oedipus, is aware of the what
problems are surrounding him. He knows what the outcome will be if he reveals
his knowledge of Laius’ killer to the people of Thebes and their rulers. Teiresias
shows great strength of character to be able to say no to the person who rules
him, even if it is for Oedipus’ own good. Teiresias does not speak because he
knows it is for the good of the people of Thebes and for King Oedipus.

The type of blindness possessed by Oedipus is probably worse than the
blindness possessed by Teiresias. This is because Teiresias can perceive and
understand things much better than Oedipus. It most likely makes Teiresias very
content, while Oedipus may be very frustrated at not being able to comprehend
things as he should be able to.