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The Science Of Onions

You will also learn in this article how to work with and control the labor of the onion by different prepping methods, different cuts, and cooking methods. “The Science of Onions” has great relevance in class as we have already practiced finely chopping onions and sauteins onions in our CULL 1 110 lab. The author’s intent of this article is to inform her readers on the steps that can be taken to control onion flavor for the readers specific needs. In comparison to what I already know, just the color of an onion alone does not affect whether the onion is more pungent or milder.

Pungency is affected by he shape of the neck, skin thickness, and firmness. The drier and tighter the neck of the onion, the more sealed off the bulb of the onion stays from moisture, allowing for longer shelf life as well. Onions that give a little when squeezed and have a broader neck are more likely to be milder. My opinion has been modified in the way that not only the type of onion you buy matters, but the way you prep, cut, and cook the onion matters just as much. In exploring this subject more, have learned to avoid the core of the onion in raw applications to food, as the inner layers are more highly encountered than the outer layers.

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I have also learned ways to achieve even milder flavors by soaking the onion in water, milk, or vinegar to lessen sulfur molecules. To boost meaty taste the onion can be cooked in water. Lastly, I have learned that the timing of which you season your onions when cooking matters. If you salt your onions while cooking, they will become more tender and evenly seasoned, as opposed to salting your onions after cooking.


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