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The Pc Party of Canada

Today, the Conservative Party of Canada is a vibrant national organization with strong grassroots support from coast-to-coast-to-coast.  Backed by the Party and its members, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Government is upholding the proud Canadian Conservative tradition that began 141 years ago and leading Canada on a Conservative path to a future of unlimited possibility.Taxes and the EconomyThere have been many new and unexpected taxes that have sprung on us and taken money out of the family budget in the past 8 years. Some examples are: HST, health tax, hydro taxes and the ever so high hydro bills.
Our party seems to be the clearest choice in this election. When you vote Liberal, you’re voting for undesired and unannounced tax hikes. It wont come as a surprise though, as they’ve done it already twice before. On the other hand, voting Conservative means voting for change and tax relief.
We can’t possibly lower taxes as much we would like to, as the debt we already have has double in the past eight years and we have huge deficits for the next few. Still, we can and will ease the burden of high taxes with a package of relief.
We plan on taking off the provincial portion of HST from residential hydro and home heating bills. We also would like to change the tax system to allow couples to share up to $50,000 of their income for tax purposes. With this, a middle class family can save up to $1,400 with an income of $70,000.
The same day Dalton McGuinty snuck in his eco tax scheme, he slapped you with the HST. This would never happen with a Tim Hudak government: we plan on completely eliminating eco tax on everyday items like light bulbs and batteries, and even your laptop and iPod.
Vote Conservative for the tax relief you’ve been waiting for.


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