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The Lorax

The Lorax, a brilliant children’s story by the prominent Theodore Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss, portrays a serious problem occurring all around the globe. Chris Renaud, 41 years after the original publication of the novel, turned this famous story into a poorly constructed children’s movie. Tons of men and women who grew up adoring Seuss’s work tuned in to watch Renaud’s movie version of The Lorax only to be discouraged by a poor recreation of the famous book. The high expectations set by Dr. Seuss’s outstanding book were not met in the movie The Lorax. The movie version of The Lorax is a dreadful adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s highly touted book The Lorax.
Director Chris Renaud’s lack of execution prevents the film from being as successful as the book. Renaud’s presentation and performance are not enough to properly demonstrate Dr. Seuss’s story. Furthermore, the additions of the film including new characters, musical numbers, and changes in the plot do not live up to the standards and many possibilities left by the original book. The most severe of all of the movie’s faults is the plot of the movie because it vastly differs from the one Dr. Seuss produces in The Lorax.
In order for books to be successfully converted into movies the director must execute properly. Chris Renaud does not do so. Dr. Seuss’s book had a simple idea of a young boy who visits the Once-ler and learns how greed and ambition destroyed the forest. With such a simple model, it is up to the director to turn Dr. Seuss’s idea into a full length movie. “Chris Renaud seemed confused about the kind of world he wanted to create” (Sprayregen). Renaud is unable to effectively recreate the world of The Lorax or its story. The movie differs too much from Seuss’s original ideas and disappoints its audience.
Director Chris Renaud is unable to properly recreate the simplicity and ideas of Dr. Seuss’s tale. A.O. Scott, a film critic of the New York Times goes as far to say that, “The…


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