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The Life Of Moses

The Life of Moses
The Bible is a compilation of historical occurrences that have been documented to confirm all of God’s miraculous works. God has performed many miracles in the Bible. They were not only performed that his people may believe, but they were performed for the well being of his people and as a means of his people’s redemption. In the Bible, God also appointed many people to deliver his message and to do his works. The people whom God had chosen were not always the people man had said was fit to do his work. Most of the time God chose the one no one would think would amount to anything, and lifted them up to his people to bring forth his miracles, to deliver his word, and to perform his works. God works in mysterious ways, but in the life of Moses, he not only worked mysteriously, but also miraculously.

The birth of Moses was the first of the many miraculous events he would have experienced throughout the duration of his life because he should have been killed according to demands of Pharaoh. The king of Egypt ordered the midwives (caretakers) of the Hebrew women to kill all baby boys, and let all the baby girls live. He wanted the baby boys to be killed because he knew that the one that would be responsible for his demise was in the midst of that new breed of the Hebrew males. Pharaoh wasn’t worried about birth of the female, Hebrew child because he knew that she was no threat to the throne, but he was well aware that his throne was in jeopardy if he allowed the male, Hebrew child to live. Pharaoh ordered his people, “Every boy that is born to the Hebrews, you shall throw into the Nile but you shall let every girl live.”(Exodus 1:22) Even though the king ordered the midwives to kill the male babies, they did not kill them because they feared the Lord, and they knew that a great leader was soon to be born.
Moses was conceived from a man from the house of Levi and a Levite woman. After Moses was conceived, she hid him for a period of about three months, until she could not hide him anymore. Once she couldn’t hide him anymore, she obeyed the Lord and prepared a basket for the baby child. She then placed the child in the basket, and placed the basket among the reeds on the bank of the river, as her sister watched it flow down the stream. Then Pharaoh’s daughter discovered the baby boy, well hidden in the basket as she was taking a bathe in the river. She then ordered her servant to fetch the basket to see what was in it, and when she realized that it was a Hebrew child, she took pity on it, and told her servant to get a Hebrew nurse and tell her to care for the child for her. When the child grew up, she took him in as her own son and named him Moses, because she said, “I drew him out of the water.”(Exodus 2:10)
Moses was raised as a member of the Egyptian court until he was exiled for the killing of another court official. Moses experiences different events that adumbrate his future destination. Moses intervenes into a conflict situation between an Egyptian and a Hebrew, and in his Hebrew brother’s defense, he killed the Egyptian with the idea that knows one had seen him do it. Moses then encounters a situation between two Hebrew men, and Moses questions them asking why are they fighting? To his astonishment one of the men replied sarcastically, “ Do you mean to kill me as you killed the Egyptian?” Once Moses heard him say that, he feared for his life because he realized that there were witnesses of the murder of the Egyptian. Moses then hears that Pharaoh is out to kill him and he flees Pharaoh and seeks the land of Midian. Moses meets a group of seven women, which were the daughters of the Priest of Midian. The women tell their father how Moses helped them against the shepherds who

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