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The Importance of Phycology and Sociology in Health Care

The importance of Phycology and Sociology for health care professionals In this piece of work I have been asked to discuss why it is important for Health care professionals to study Phycology and Sociology. I feel that to be a Health care professional it is vital that you understand the definition of both Phycology and Sociology and how this incorporates into practice within your daily routine as a health care worker and as the World Health Organisation states “Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity” Psychology is the study of the mind, brain and behaviour.

This covers all aspects of human experiences, and how these previous experiences will have an adverse effect on how person might react in a certain situation, so to have knowledge of this will then give you an insight on how to assess and resolve the situation. With reference to the NMC code of practice this must be adhered to with compliance to the code that states: Make the care of people your first concern, treating them as individuals and respecting their dignity.

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Sociology is the study of how society is organised and social structure within, such as: groups, organizations and communities and also social categories such as class, sex, age and race are also key factors in the understanding of sociology. The geography of the society we live in is also a factor as this may reflect on how we behave or react in certain situations. In some cases people will be judgemental or bias of a person’s social background although the NMC codes of practise clearly states that you must not discriminate in any way against those in your care.


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