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The History and Future of Legal Regulations and Their Impact on the Facilities Management
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Facilities Management Magazine: Premises & Facilities Management   [Contact Premises & Facilities Management]The history and future of legal regulations and their impact on the FM in the UK
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Legal Legacy
In the 10 years since Workplace Law held its first FM Legal Update conference, facilities managers has been inundated with a wide range of regulation to implement across their estates. David Sharp examines the legacy and looks forward to a future with even more legislation to come
David Sharp—December 2008
Perhaps it’s a sign of age, but recent years have seen a number of milestones. In 2005, my own company, Workplace Law Group, celebrated its 10th anniversary. A year later, I was invited by PFM to contribute an article celebrating 20 years since its launch and anticipating the changes in law and regulation we could expect in the 20 years ahead. And now a third milestone. February 2009 sees the 10th of Workplace Law’s annual Facilities Management Legal Update Conference and Dinner, an industry event that has attracted hundreds of FMs over the years, giving them practical insight into more than 150 Directives, Acts, Regulations, British Standards, Codes of Practice, and recommended ways of working. With our 10th anniversary conference ahead of us, it is a good time to take stock of the last 10 years, and to revisit some of predictions I made here nearly three years ago about the future of regulation and its impact on facilities management.
Debugging myths
Remember the turn of the Millennium? We were calling it ‘the year 2000’ for some reason, and all the talk was about the ‘millennium bug’ which had the potential to trash computer systems across the globe. I remember the late Hugh Channon (co-founder of the FM training provider, Quadrilect) telling me…


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