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the great gatsby

Destiney Belt
CP English 11
Mrs. Lucas
May 15, 2014
The Great Gatsby
Throughout the entire story of The Great Gatsby Nick talks about Daisy’s need and desire for money. Daisy has become so accustomed to getting and living however she wants. Though she is married to Tom she does not love him. Tom’s life style and constant amount of money is what keeps Daisy with him. Daisy knows Tom can never loose his money because he was born into in which is the main and possibly the only reason she stays with me.
Gatsby on the other hand is a self made man. He was not born into money like Tom. Jays Gatsby worked in order to earn his money, though he had to lie, cheat and steal in order to get it. Now at this point Gatsby could actually support Daisy and her lifestyle, but Daisy is so worried about loosing money and being poor to be with Gatsby. Daisy’s character is selfish and to worried about her wants and reputation to follow her heart.
Gatsby has been in love with Daisy for years. Since before he went off to war, they dated before he left. Gatsby throws all these parties just hoping that one day Daisy will just happen to come to one of his big parties. Tom is also in love with Daisy but he is a cruel person who doesn’t treat Daisy right. The only reason Daisy puts up with Tom and his mean behavior is because of his money. Daisy knows that Tom can support her life style because he was born into money and cannot loose it. So she stays with him.
I don’t think that Gatsby had realized how much Daisy had changed since they’d last been together. He did not realize how much money had played a part in Daisy’s new life and how little what her heart wants means to her. Jay Gatsby showed his love for Daisy by taking the blame for something she did. He also did all those things to earn money just to win back Daisy. Daisy showed her true colors showed when she lets Gatsby take the blame for killing Myrtle then not even attending his funeral after he gets murdered….


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