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The Future or Scope of Supply Chain Education in Bangladesh

The Future or Scope of Supply Chain Education in Bangladesh I think it is necessary to know about Supply Chain before we discuss about the scope of supply chain education in Bangladesh. So, supply chain is the close linkage and coordination of activities involved in buying, making and moving a product. It integrates supplier, manufacturer, distributor and customer logistics processes to reduce the time, redundant effort and inventory cost. In Bangladesh supply chain education has a bright prospect because of its out coming booming business and for its geographical place.

Though world economy has faced economic recession but our country not effected by this recession because of our national economy. As we know, our national economy mainly consist of Ready made garments, frozen food, tannery, tea, jute sectors. Another main source of sustainable components of our economy is remittance which plays a very important role. Bangladesh government is now considering the proposel of “transit”for using our two main sea port , namely , chittagong and mongla port, along with the nationals borders – with many different countries along with India, Bhutan , Nepal , mayenmar.

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If this transit issue came into reality then, the above mentioned countries will use our roads and transportation to carry their business. To become successful to get efficiecy in this project, supply chain is way too much necessary. We know, ready made garments industry is a big sources of revenue for our country. And its getting bigger day by day. To cope with the fast growing economy and to run fast from the rest of the world its necessary to be “ ahead of others”.

So if we want to be remain competive and wants to progress continuesly , supply chain can add a different edge to our this important industry. Besides, the existing local companies (wheather its product or service oriented) those who are running their business in our country are not becoming able to cope with the multinationals who are running their business in our country because of the edge supply chain management gives to them. Now a days, in our local companies there is very lack of integration among differect departments.

For that reason, we lose our efficiecy and quality service and at the same time cost advantage. Supply chain works with an integrated view of coordination by taking every department into consideration. Moreover, for the development of the country, to achieve the desired goals which are intended to be achieved, protthak ta department kay ek jogay kaj korar jonno, supply chain management er implematioon dorkar……aabon ai jonno government er shochayton howa uchit and universiti golo tay supply chain er upor higher degreer baybosta kora uchit.


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