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The Fat Black Women Goes Shopping

The Fat Black Women Goes Shopping Subject-matter |The fashion and culture of being thin pushes those fat one into having no choices | |Purpose |Raise awareness to the “thin” culture in today’s world and let those who tease others | |(Theme) |understand the situation of those “fat” women | | |Feel pity to those so called “fat” lady | | |it is not their fault but they have no choice | |Emotion |In stanza 1, it developes an unlovable image of the “fat black” woman. The woman has to walk | |(Mood) |from store to store being exhausted which further images the woman as being clumsy. | | |When it comes to stanza 2, the tease from the salesgals changes the mood from showing the | | |helpless side of the fat woman | | |At last, the woman cannot help showing her anger through cursing. | | | | |The mood changes from the unlovable fat woman , helpless (when being teased and has to | | |pretend hear nothing) , angry and out of control to melancholy | |Craftsmanship: | | |- Structure |Structure | | |Free verse 4-4-1-3-3-3-1 | | |No specific rhyme | | |Repetition: | | |- stanza 5,”journeying” appears twice | | |Effect: it adds force and power to show that the women has been cursing all the time when | | |shopping.

This further emphasizes to show the anger of the woman and the sadness she has long| | |been suffering | | |- stanza 1,”store” appears twice | | |Effect: it put further empahsis to show that the women has a great difficulties in searching | | |for suitable clothes. This intensifies that the so call fashion of “thin” has ignored the | | |need of different people and the true purpose of clothing is also questionable here. | |Conflict/contrast | | |eg. In stanza 2 | | |the “fat black woman” is contrasted to the “frozen thin mannequins” and “pretty salesgals”. | | |This clearly brings out the central contrast of the poem, fat and thin. And here with the | | |former one being teased by the later symbolizes the “fat black woman” as the weak one and | | |bullied. | |Language | | |The lexical choice/ diction | | |the use of word “black” to describe the fat woman. This may be one possibility that she is | | |wearing in black entirely, which may possible makes her look thinner. This indicates that | |- Language |actually the fat woman to some extent cares about her own appearance and the way others see | | |her, showing that she might actually having a low self esteem. | | |Enjambment (a sentence separated in 2 sentences) | | |in stanza 6, there’s only one sentence actually but the poet breaks it into 3 lines.

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This | | |make the incomplete meaning by just reading one line that the reader has to run on at the end| | |of the line to next line. Having to read faster at the end of the line, the speed of the poem| | |is greatly increased showing a great tension at this stanza, showing the ignorance to and | | |helpless of the fat. | | |Use of negative words through out the poem to show the hard and difficult situation of the | | |fat woman.

The bad situation is intensified by the background set up by the poet that is in | | |winter . | | |eg. “cold” , “winter” , “frozen” | | |Modifiers | | |all the modifiers used in this poem show the passive choosing of the fat one, that is being | | |no choice and the anger of her. | | |(eg. under her breath all this journeying and journeying” , ” could only conclude that” , ” | | |nothing is much beyond”) | | | | | |Imagery | | |Use of simile: | | |- ” Nothing soft and bright and billowing to flow like | | |breezy sunlight | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |- Imagery | | |Summary |The fashion now extrer a great focus on being thin. This concept is widely spread. But | | |actually being fat is not a fault. However, the fat one now always face different chanllenges| | |from buying clothes to being bullied. |


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