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The Evaluation of Business

Ethical Issues and Management
September 29, 2013Page 1Ethical Issues and Management
Performance Evaluation
In every job a person will hold there will come a time when the company will give them an evaluation of their job performance. Most companies will have a employee handbook and have everything spelled out to how an employee is to conduct themselves and perform their duties on the job. When we look at this as a whole it can be a good thing for all tense and purposes because when a company gives feedback to their employee’s and gives them some kind of encouragement they will perform better and go that extra mile for them.
When working for my last employer I had to give performance reviews every day before our day started. The company had a set policy put together that we could follow and to help us out in presenting the daily information to the team. We could use other methods at any time but the company had a pretty good policy set and it ran pretty smooth. We would look how we ran the day before and inform team how our performances were the day before and percentage of the run. We would look at how much mix was made and how much was actually used, this included the waste. Next on the list would be the run we were going to be running that day and what we needed for supplies for start up. The next thing on my list would be the issues that anyone would have and needed to clear the air to keep the line of communication moving we would voice our concerns and ideas that would help our line run better. We would discuss how the company as a whole did for the week and what we needed to do to get to our goal set forth by the company. We look at the week’s runs and how we would need to look at working as a team. The operator and I would look at our new or newer team members and if they needed more training we would make sure we put them with one of our team members that trained. We would help them…


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