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The Decision Making Process

Chapter 7 Assignment – worth 100 points
Read Chapter 7. Study Exhibit 7-1 which is the decision making process.
You are to choose a problem in the workplace – either your problem currently in the workplace or a problem of someone else’s that you use to complete the assignment.
You will follow the decision-making process and go through the seven (7) steps and you will document the steps in a Microsoft Word document following the format and questions in this document.
Your grade will be based on how well you explain each step and how well you go through each step of the decision making process.
1. Explain the Problem here – step 1. 2. Collect data and relevant information. This may be through reading reports, through interviewing others. Determine the entire story. List the resources you used or individuals you talked to here – step 2. 3. Determine three potential alternatives – just list the alternatives in this step. This is where you brainstorm and based on all of the data you collected, you list possible solutions or avenues to take to solve the problem. DO NOT evaluate the options here. Only list the alternatives – step 3. 4. Evaluate each alternative in this step that you listed in step 3. Here you explain the pros and cons of each alternative. You aren’t deciding here; you are simply exploring all of the alternatives through pros and cons of all items you listed in step 3. Evaluating each alternative is step 4. You evaluate through explaining pros and cons. 5. Of all of the explanations, in step 5 you determine the best alternative from step 4 based on your explanations. Which alternative has more pros? Which alternative has a desired result you are seeking? Which alternative, after reviewing all pros and cons, makes more sense than the other alternatives you listed in step 3? You select the best alternative in step 5. 6. You execute the best alternative in step 6. Explain here what you did to execute you…


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