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The Damned Human Race

“The Damned Human Race” Mark Twain the Human Race more superior that that of the (so-called) “lower-animal”? Is Assignment 1) Is Charles Darwin’s theory in the “Ascent of Man from the Lower Animals” an accurate assumption? Assignment -2and 4) THESIS In the text “The Damned Human Race” author, Mark Twain uses satire to ridicule Darwinian’s theory in regards to the Ascent of Man from Lower Animals. Twain believes the opposite from Darwin; he believes that Lower Animals ascended from the Human Race. In this text Twain provides sarcastic behaviorial examples for comparison between animals and man-kind to support his theory.

Assignment 4: 1) “These experiments convinced me that there is this difference between man and the higher animals: He is avaricious and miserly, they are not. ” (pg. 672) a. Explains that the ficticious experiments conducted in this text have supported Twains declaration that Animals Ascended for Humans and not the opposite. 2) “Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. ” (pg. 673) a. This allows an open dialogue of another difference between man and animals. This quote allows the opportunity to speak of examples showing needless violence, vulgarity and indecency that is exhibited by humans but not by animals. ) “He has just one stupendous superiority. In his intellect he is supreme. ”(pg. 677) a. This gives credit where credit is due, however allows for a final sarcastic example to conclude Twain’s theory on the Ascent of Man from Lower Animals. Assignment 3) The imaginative contrast that Twain uses to describe the differences between man and animals suggests that animals did ascend from the human race. Assignment 3) Twain uses ficticious and historical examples of moral atrocities conducted by man that subsequently excludes animal behavior for comparison. .

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