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The Curriculum Ideology of South African Secondary School Biology

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Several curriculum reforms have been undertaken in South Africa since its independence in 1994. These were developed to address a number of educational, political, and social challenges of the post-apartheid era. In spite of this, current social challenges still remain undauntedly high(Mnguni, 2013). Mnguni’s(2013) qualitative study therefore, investigated the curriculum ideology of Grade II Biology Curriculum – a type/representative of South African School Curri-culum, with the aim/purpose of determining its main objectives and its ability to empower stu-dents as regards current social challenges.
Adopting the Schiro’s(2008) curriculum ideology(i.e. objectives of education) which of-fered a clear theoretical framework for analyzing and classifying curricula(Mnguni, 2013), the researcher carried out a qualitative study in which inductive curriculum analysis was used to de-termine the curriculum ideology of Biology. The theoretical framework used contained at least four curriculum ideologies, namely, social efficiency ideology, scholar academic ideology, stu-dent-centred ideology and social reconstruction ideology. These ideologies were said to be capa-ble of forecasting the envisioned graduate since they outlined the vision of education by clarify-ing the process and outcomes of student development (Mnguni, 2013). Biology Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements(CAPS) document from the…


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