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The Book The Lives Of A Cell: Notes Of A Biology Watcher Was Very Well

written by Lewis Thomas. This book covered a lot of insects such as ants, termites, bees, wasps, and moths which I liked because insect interest me. I was surprised to learn how strong the earth actually is, in contrast with the delicate flower that we are told it is. I learned that thousands of dollars are wasted every year on medical bill that we didn’t even need to go see a doctor about. I also read, that if we ever do find alien life, it might not be the little green martian we have seen so much of, it might be a microbe, a strand of nucleic acid, or a molecule of enzyme. I found out that many animal give off odors called pheromones that carry information on all kinds of things like marking territory. I also learned that all animals make some kid of noise, it surprised me that termites beat their head on the ground to send messages and that birds actually sing for a reason. I was under the impression that we were the only being that had the ability to communicate, but this book told me that most animals communicate in some way or another. But what most interested me were the Iks, I had trouble believing that a group of humans could be so cruel to each other! How could anyone take food from an elderly person like the kids did in the Ik tribe, or go to the bathroom on someone else’s door step. In conclusion this book was a very interesting and captured my attention in the first paragraph. I only listed some of the facts I thought were the most interesting. I would have written more facts down but I could never fit all the facts I wanted to write on one sheet of paper. In conclusion I felt that this was a very interesting book and I learned a lot from reading it (I read it twice).


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