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The Benefit of Reading Comic Book

Comic books are probably the most popular form of reading material for young people in Hong Kong. Write an essay comic books which deal with all the following points: – why these books are so popular – the advantages and disadvantages of reading such books – how comic books can be used for educational purposes Justify your views by providing reasons. Reading comic books— a relaxing, joying and learning activity “Spiderman” or “War and Peace”? “Batman” or “Romeo and Juliet”? “Dragonball” or “Antony and Cleopatra”?

If taking these questions to ask the secondary and primary school students, I guess that nine out of ten students will choose the Spiderman, Batman and Dragonball. On the street, we can easily see numerous teenagers taking a comic book and reading it. In other words, comic books are extremely popular in Hong Kong, even compare with the classical literatures. It begs questions that what make comic books so popular and what is the pros and cons of reading comic books? The most obvious reason is that the design of comic books is really reader-friendly.

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The size of comic books is quite small; therefore, readers can take it everywhere and no need to bring a big bag to carry it. In addition, the popular comic books are probably having many chapters, likes “Dragonball” and “Gundam Seed”. It is very convenient for the readers killing time. When waiting bus or MTR, you read a chapters, maybe more. The bus or MTR then will arrive in less than no time. So, the designs of comic books , the chapters arrangement and the size, are very convenient for the readers. Other cause is about the human nature or human behaviour.

Honestly, mainstream people, including adults and youngsters, love reading pictures more than words, colorful pictures more than only words printed in black and white. When reading the colorful and interesting pictures, we will enjoy it. In contrast, the majority of people, not all people, can not get the enjoyment for reading many long sentences or many difficult words which we can commonly find in the serious books and classical literatures. When reading many difficult words, we have to spend so much time to check a dictionary and to analyze the complex sentence pattern.

Not many people enjoy to do this, when they read some books for leisure. It is no doubt that reading comic books has a number of advantages. First of all, comic books can provide entertainment. Readers, who read the comic books, can escape from the reality a moment when reading the interesting and fascinating comic story. Many Hong Kong people have a stressful life, for instance, the presure come from the demanding school life and the boring working life. Reading comic books can be soothing; thus, they can curtail their pressure through reading comic books.

Furthermore, readers can draw a lesson from the comic books. Some comic stories give a positive message, such as “never give up”, “trust the friendship”. For example, “Captain Tsubasa” and “Hungry Heart: Wild Striker”. Also, many comic present stories which prompt our heart and encourage us to remain a positive mind. We all , including me, can learn something from it, and enrich our life experience. However, we can not ignore the disadvantages of reading comic books. The one disadvantage is that reading comic books is time-consuming.

Perhaps reading comic will adversely affect our normal duty. We may lose the concentration from our studies or our duties, likes forget to finish the homework. The second disadvantage is that some comic books may contain some harmful content, such as violence, sex and so on. “Fung Wan”, a renowned and popular comic book among teens, contains the violence scene which are harmful to the teenager’s mind and their development. Youngsters may think that violence and massacre can solve all the problems, after reading “Fung Wan”.

This message are completely misleading and harmful for the teens. Having said the above pros and cons of comic books, we can not criticize comic books base on the drawbacks of reading comic books only. With the rising trend of comic books, why don’t we use the comic books to education? On one hand, government can use the comic books to teach the public. Using comics teach them the basic legal concepts which are related to our daily life — the law about downloading copyrighted material on the internet, for intance.

In addition, government can educate public about the road safety too. On the other hand, the school, both primary and secondary school, can use the comic books to support their lesson. Teachers can design some worksheets or textbooks which contain more pictures. Also, teachers can use the popular comics to support their teaching in the liberal studies, ranging from discuss the culture of comic books, insight into why Japanese and American comic can be successful and so on.

Now, the reason for the popularity of comic book, the pros and cons of reading comic books and the using of comic books are comprehensively explained and exemplified. The only problem of reading comic books is that we all have to choose a suitable and right book for ourselves. Reading comic books can have enjoyment, senses of joyfulness and happiness. So, let us read the suitable comic books now. Have some fun by reading comic books!


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