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Aluora Kenneth
Bsc. Civil Engineering
Final Year Project presentation.
The Building industry is a fast growing and dynamic industry in Kenya, which is a developing country. We are currently geared towards achieving set goals by the year 2030 set in the Vision 2030 docket. New materials and new techniques are fast gaining entry into the industry, demanding a careful and accurate analysis of performance. The industry is a multibillion shilling industry that is unfortunately infested by non- professionals who view it as just another way of widening their profit margin. With the creep of greed, failures are highly likely to occur.
The issue of building failure is quite a sensitive topic that needs careful analysis to determine the major causes of failure and the subsequent remedies. Rural to urban migration, population growth and lack of housing contribute immensely to pressures on the building industry. Several substandard structures spring up in a bid to meet the population pressure that is ever on the rise.
The failures are caused by human set-backs in trying to achieve results by taking shortcuts. It is a known fact that no good results can be achieved by cutting corners and the only solution is to follow the entire process for desirable results. There is no other way other than to follow the rules to the latter.
Assessment of the failures would help in establishing the causes of failures, a critical evaluation of the building industry and subsequently, a full proof mitigation measures to improve the construction sector. A hard headed mentality that ‘everything that can be done, will be done,’ has to be adopted in order to achieve the benefits of failure mitigation.


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