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Team Effectiveness Model

a)AZKALS – In terms of the External Conditions impose to the group, they already passed the hard part of organizing the team. With the Economy of the Philippines, forming a sports team requires a lot of factors. Azkals have somewhat proved their capability amongst the External conditions. They have all the resources and support from investors and other private companies which then helped them in organizing a management that will help them in creating formal regulations. With their standing they have all the rewards they need, added to that are the commercials breaks given to them.

The Government also supports the team, giving them a good physical work setting, where they can have their practice. But with overall strategy, it is not in full condition because of the organizational culture. They have all the support, financially and morally but within the group, cultural gap causes the implementation of an effective strategy. Most of the players are Half Filipinos and they have only lived here for a while, and the culture they got to used to in the country where they used to live is entirely different.

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We all know how a Filipino behaves and it’s really different with English man. These cause Confusion, misunderstanding within the group. Filipinos to the Half-Filipinos, they tend to group themselves according to those who can speak the language, understand the culture, creating a gap. These will then limit the potential of the team. These cultural gaps will affect the Group structure. Because of cultural differences, norms will be affected. They can’t create a norm as long as the confusion is there. In the team, some of them are to open while others believe in concentration.

Others tend to accept and accept commercial breaks which then create an issue to the others that they should be concentrating more on practicing. They still have to adjust in terms of behavior. With these, there’s no cohesiveness. They Lack full practice within the group before each game affecting their performance. Each of the members has all the potential; the problem is on how they will combine these. They have the resources, the potential, but fully working as a team is missing. They just have to work on the cultural gap to continually improve.

To the half-Filipino players, they have to integrate them with the culture and build the understanding; it will lead them to good teamwork. DRAGON WARRIORS – The groups lacks of a lot of things, they don’t have the resources and support from sectors especially the government. They weren’t recognizing by the Philippine sport commission and Philippine Olympic committee. Amongst the External Condition, they only have one thing to hold on, the culture. The lack of these conditions didn’t affect how they perform because of the culture they hold on.

Filipinos are up to struggle for anything for the pride of the country, they are hard working and difficulties for them are just part of it and it doesn’t hinder them to persevere more. They have conformity in terms of norms and reflect cohesiveness within the group. Because of the problems, they became more eager to bring home honor for the country. They lack support but within the group, they have support from each other. Every Athlete needs moral support and financial support but the Dragon warriors proved something. Performance comes within the group and not by the outside.

Support comes externally and it can influence the internal performance, but a group can perform without these external supports as long as they have the support from the member of each team, teamwork is the key. They showed good performance that they even brought honor for the country. VOLCANOES – The group is been competing for years, and they were never recognize. They have the support financially but because the game is not that popular, moral support from the public is missing. They have the resources; they have a good manager which imposes rules to the group.

The kind of mindset of the member’s shows how their coach up brings them through the years. They have the Filipino culture in heart and mind even thou they are half-Filipinos. For five years, the team has been competing with other countries and winning silver awards without the public being aware of. So in order to get support from the public, they venture in commercial to promote the game not merely for their own benefit, and it was a effective. The Public came to recognize the game. The impose of good external conditions affected the Group structure.

They have the cohesiveness between the groups members is reflected by their performance. Even then, without the public support, they are already performing well because of team work and there very supportive coach. They have been bringing awards for the country. Among the 3 national teams, the highest performance comes from the DRAGON WARRIORS. b)The Azkals have all good impose of external conditions except with the dealing of cultural differences which affect the group structure which is the norms and cohesiveness.

It affects how they perform in their practices, they lack points for synergy resulting to lower performance and since they weren’t able to meet their goal despite all the support they receive either financially and morally, they are not that satisfied. They tend to blame each other especially those who are involved in such issues. The Dragon Warriors lack a lot of factors that should have been impose to contribute in the group structure. But this doesn’t affect much in their performance as a group but they still lack satisfaction as shown on how they react on news and reports. They blame the lack of support and recognition of the government.

They were saying that they should have better of that far if they were given support. With these, even thou they performed well, reflected by their perseverance in practices and eventually the Honor they gave to the country, they are not that satisfied, they are still claiming a lot of things which they should have got from the start. The Volcanoes have their own resources and they just recently got the public’s support with their own effort. They we’re impose by good external conditions affecting the Group structure. For years, they have been working well and continuously improve as years go by.

There is positive synergy among the process; they all work hard for the team with the support of the Coach and now the public. Among the 3, Volcanoes is the most satisfied. They have working well, and each of them cooperates with each other, work as a team, and for the upcoming event, they are aiming to dominate Asia in upcoming 2015 World Cup. They have developed a strong bond with each other and they consider each member as their brother. They show satisfaction of having each of the team member and their performance and they believe they can perform better as long as they have each other. )GENERAL POLICY STATEMENT The National Government shall acknowledge and recognize efforts of Filipino athletes representing the Country. Those participating in international competition such as Southeast-Asian Games, World Cup, Olympic Games and etc. shall be given Great moral and financial support. Furthermore, recognition and reverence shall be given to teams who garnered international prestige or those who made remarkable achievements. Giving honor for the country shall be given award. d)Communication Networks Wheel is the best communication network that will enhance performance and coordination.

In a sport team, it requires the emergence of a leader that will not act according to positional authority. Captain of the Team is given the responsibility to help the team operate effectively and efficiently. Every member is led by the captain through behavior and actions not by merely directions. In wheel, it tends to shape the Team and create team work in order to reach their goal. They need someone who will identify the specific skill they have and be allocated to a place where they can use their abilities well and contribute to the goal of the team.


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