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Text-Based Writing

Learning TargetsStudents will be able to unpack a writing promptStudents will be able to understand the connection between unpacking the prompt and establishing a purpose for readingStudents will be able to create a controlling idea Students will be able to create an effective essay planStudents will be able to identify . . . Read more

Scholarly Legal Writing

The education of lawyers must not merely involve the acquisition of knowledge and skills; it must include the cultivation of creative thinking and imagination, the appreciation of the commonality of the human condition, and development of a sense of judgment and responsibility. Hence, lawyering includes the ability to understand and . . . Read more

Writing Technique

Chapter five, Writing as Healing and the Rhetorical Tradition: Sorting Out Plato, Postmodernism, Writing Pedagogy, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder written by T.R. Johnson of the University of New Orleans describes the different views of how language helps a person who has encountered a traumatic experience overcome and heal. Chapter nine, . . . Read more

Original Writing

Just calm down would you. For a few moments at least. You have got ages to think about what you are taking with you, 20 minutes before you have to be out of that door. Pausing to listen to my mother’s unhelpful words has cost me yet another few precious . . . Read more

Composition I: Privacy and the Art of Writing

Young Harris College, Fall 2017Dr. Matthew Steven Bruen Essay #3: Government, Surveillance, and PrivacyPlease author a 4-6 page essay (one inch margins, double-spaced, size 12Garamond, Times New Roman, or Baskerville font) providing an originalargument related to the class’s unit on government, surveillance, andprivacy. When thinking of your topic it may . . . Read more

Writing Types 

Writing TypesDespite all of the increasing technological advances, writing is still a mainform of communication. Beginning in grammar school and continuing through highschool and college, thousands of students spend hours preparing essays forclass. The majority of students usually begin drafting those essays merely bystaring at a blank sheet of paper . . . Read more

creative writing (132 words)

The impact of the social networking site Facebook on today’s society. Facebook has become a phenomenon for the social networking set, and what makes that so amazing is that Facebook did not even exist until 2004. Three college students created it to allow other students to network and meet each . . . Read more

Writing Clearly and Concisely

APA Manual Chapter 3 and Supplemental Material 3.01-3.033.01 Lengthless is more3.02 HeadingsHierarchy Equal importance to same level headingsAvoid having 1 subsection in heading3.03 Levels of heading Assume introduction, no header3.04 Seriation Numbers Ordinal emphasis1. BulletsSquares or circles Alphabets(a), (b), (c) Organization of key points within sections, paragraphs, and sentences Itemized . . . Read more


Have you every wondered where all writing began ? Have you often thought of the secrets about life that ancient civilizations took to their graves with them ? If so, you should be very interested in learning about an ancient writing technique called hieroglyphics, which many scientists believe is the . . . Read more


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