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The Art of War

War is an extremely controversial topic, especially amongst philosophers. It raises many ethical and political questions, the most important, perhaps, being the circumstances under which going to war are justifiable. Views on the law of war vary greatly. Some believe non-violence is the only acceptable approach, while others believe preventive . . . Read more

Persian Gulf War Research paper/

It took place from 1990 to 1991 Slide 2 The Persian gulf war was a political and economic war. Sad Hussein invaded Kuwait in search for political and economic power a ND control. If Hussein seized gulf nations and Saudi Arabia after Kuwait, h?d control moor e than one half . . . Read more

Political Science Research Paper War on Drugs

From the beginning of time, the war on drugs has sparked an upraise of control version issues throughout its course of existence. Of course, there has been many poll ices that have been placed upon this issue; however, as a result there still seems to be no resolve once to . . . Read more

The Survival Of Romanias Jews During World War History Essay

When thought of the few safe oasiss afforded to Jews, during the Holocaust, the states that typically come to mind are the United States, Britain, Israel, Canada, and even assorted other states in South America. These states were seen as topographic points of safety from the Holocaust and devastation harrying . . . Read more

Research Paper: Thirty Years War

On November 4, 1619 Frederick became King and the war shifted into the Holy Roman Empire. A year and four days later, the battle of White Mountain broke out and the Protestant Union under Frederick now faced the Catholic League under Ferdinand. The Battle ended With a devastating loss for . . . Read more

Post War Iraq Conditions

Post-War Conditions in Iraq Roger G. Schooner PSYCH 620 March 22015 Jennifer Frederica “I think we ought to bring some of the Iraqis (Republican Guard) here and let them take a good kick” General Norman Coachwork’s On August 2 1 990 Sadder Hussein and his forces invaded Kuwait and by . . . Read more

Thirty Year War

The war in Bohemia broke Out after Hapsburg Ferdinand, archduke of Astoria and heir to the imperial throne and a fervent Catholic ascended to the throne. As soon as he became King he revoked the religious freedoms of Bohemian Protestants. Protestant nobility responded to Ferdinand act in May 161 8 . . . Read more


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