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Wan Technology

Paper Code: MCA- 304 Paper Name: Internet Fundamentals Lesson Number: 01Author: Parvinder Singh Vetter: Dr. PradeepK. BhatiaINTRODUCTIONObjective: The objective of the present lesson is to be familiar with concepts, history and terms related to Internet. Internet related organizations and network related command will also be discussed.Structure1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 . . . Read more

The Best Path for Developing Countries to Take Is to Build on Their Own Traditions and Utlise Appropriate Technology, Rather Than Adopting More Modern Ideas, Values and Technologies.

BRIDGING COURSE ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEETSurname (Family name) _GONG___________________________Given name YANZHOU_________________________Nickname KENNY _____________Class __BGK____ Research Group _____RGH________Topic/Title of assignment (exactly as given in the Course Book)THE BEST PATH FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES TO TAKE IS TO BUILD ON THEIR OWNTRADITIONS AND UTLISE APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY, RATHER THAN ADOPTING MOREMODERN IDEAS, VALUES AND TECHNOLOGIES.Word . . . Read more

What are Technology Advantages of Coal Slime Dryer

Generally speaking, formation of coal slime has various conditions, such as waste coal in coal preparation plant and coal-water mixture in coal mining process. Different coal slime has different nature. But coal slime has a common feature, namely large moisture content. Hence, coal slime should be dried before using. While . . . Read more

SIP technology

In the given scenario with Fifth Main Bank, the technology that would best fit their needs would be a VoIP system with SIP technology. Prior to SIP, enterprises maintained a separate network infrastructure for telephony and video in parallel to their IT data services. With SIP, the communication and IT . . . Read more

Science and Technology

The 19th and 20th centuries were marked by great scientific and technological developments. These developments encompassed many different fields like transportation, communication, manufacturing, education, trade, health care and others.The life of people has become quite comfortable with these scientific innovations as various types of machines have begun to perform complex . . . Read more