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Technology Can Change Social Relationships

Lauren A. GonderAthens State UniversityCulture and Globalization, Dr. Malcolm CortTechnology Can Change Social RelationshipsGlobalization is word used to explain how countries from different nations come together as one global economy. Technology is a science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. The inventions of . . . Read more

How Does Technology Effect Us?

annonU.S. Wage TrendsThe microeconomic picture of the U.S. has changed immensely since 1973,and the trends are proving to be consistently downward for the nation’shigh school graduates and high school drop-outs. “Of all the reasonsgiven for the wage squeeze – international competition, technology,deregulation, the decline of unions and defense cuts – . . . Read more

Technology Revolution

The technology revolution is upon us. In recent years there have been many triumphs in technology. Now more than ever, people are able to communicate over thousands of miles with the greatest of ease. Wireless communication is much to thank for the ease of communication. What used to take weeks . . . Read more

Educational Technology

Thebest method for improving educational standards is to utilize every toolavailable, including state-of-the-art technology. Computers and the Internethave expanded the way in which information can be delivered to the students oftoday. Today’s networking technologies provide a valuable opportunity topractice new learning techniques. Educators are discovering that computers arefacilitating learning. Computer . . . Read more

Laser Technology

Laser TechnologyThe laser is a device that a beam of lightthat is both scientifically and practically of great use because it iscoherent light. The beam is produced by a process known as stimulated emission,and the word “laser” is an acronym for the phrase “light amplificationby stimulated emission of radiation.”Light is . . . Read more

Convergence In Communications And Technology

The concept of a ?global village? or a united community around the world has only in these last few years become a concept widely thought of. However, it seems that the idea of a large-scale sharing of information has long been developing, whether intended or not. The tools of communication . . . Read more

Cloning Technology

Technology is changing the world as we know it. Not all of these advances intechnology are viewed as positive. One of the breakthroughs that has receivedmixed responses is the issue of cloning. There has been much debate on thistopic, and the debate is certain to rage on for many years . . . Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology – summary

In the current time people can’t imagine their life without technology. Surrounding us various technologies are helping people to live their life with more luxury. The technology sector has changed and developed many products. The technology is providing many advantages but also it has some disadvantages. Here we will discuss . . . Read more


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