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Smoking Danger

Every year thousands of people die because of lung cancer or other tobaccorelated illnesses. Everyone in the world comes in contact with smoke from acigarette at least once in their lifetime, whether it is at a restaurant or atwork. Millions of people are addicted to smoking, and thousands more becomeaddicted . . . Read more

Smoking Among Teenagers

Young Adults and Cigarette Smoking. Cigarette smoking is a major cause of lung cancer and many other illnesses. At least one out of five death in American society caused by disease directly related to cigarette smoking. The overall smoking prevalence in the United States has been reduced considerably over the . . . Read more

Effects Of Parent Smoking Habits On Thier Childs Smoking Habits

Effects of Parent Smoking Habits on their Child’s smoking habitsAbstractParents have an influence on whether or not their children will develop smokinghabits. The findings of this study show this to be true. Further research should beconducted to find out whether or not how many children the parents have also has . . . Read more

The Harmful Effects Of Smoking

The Harmful Effects of SmokingName: Adam NewellTeacher: Dr. Delos SantosSection: 57Date December 8, 1999Research PaperWords: 1901Every year thousands of people die because of lung cancer or other tobaccorelated illnesses. Everyone in the world comes in contact with smoke from a cigarette atleast once in their lifetime, whether it is at . . . Read more

Disadvantages of Cigarette Smoking

Disadvantages of Cigarette SmokingEverywhere, we see people smoking. It has become a daily necessity to smokers so it is very difficult to control. People thought that things are easy to say but difficult to act upon. This perspective is in the minds of most cigarette smokers. They said that whenever . . . Read more

cognitive dissonance and smoking interventions

What is cognitive dissonance and how can principles of cognitive dissonance be utilised within interventions to change health-related behaviours? 1154463Word Count: 1997 Human beings all have a desire to feel unique and special, but essentially all want to lead a fulfilled life, follow a path, and feel a general sense . . . Read more

Summary On The Articles About Second Hand Smoking

Secondhand Smoke, Is It a Hazard?In the 1950’s and 60’s scientists gave the people a lot of evidence on the deadly effects of smoking where the tobacco companies on the other hand tried to put the doubt in people’s minds through the campaigns to show that it is not all . . . Read more

why smoking isn’t all that bad.

Why smoking isn’t all that badEveryone’s always talking about how bad the habit is. However, these people just have it all wrong. There are so many perks that come with smoking. There are endless limits when it comes to picking up a pack. Plus it’s not bad to enjoy yourself . . . Read more

Research Paper on Smoking

States is lung cancer. Lung cancer accounts for 14% out of all cancers, and 28% out Of all cancer deaths. (ALA Lung cancer Fact Sheet) According to the American Lung Association, “Cigarette smoking is responsible for an estimated 87% of lung cancer deaths, or seven out of eight” (American Lung . . . Read more

Research paper on smoking

This is to discourage young people from taking up this deadly habit by appealing to their common sense and better judgment, thereby allowing them to choose for themselves not to smoke. The knowledge Of irreversible effects Of smoking on various organ Systems, can save your life. Will not recite the . . . Read more


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