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Christianity, Islam, and Judaism have many similarities and many differences. They are all Abrahamic religions and worship the same God. Each religion requires its followers to adhere to a certain moral code and show devotion to God through prayer. One area of difference is in their view of Jesus Christ. . . . Read more

Evolution And Religion

Charles Darwin’s introduction of evolution, created the battle betweenevolution and religion. Still, to this day, the influence of Darwinism haspeople asking themselves where they came from. God, a higher spirit, or theprocess of evolution, are the two main choices to pick from. For many years, Godwas the predominant answer, but . . . Read more

Thailand Religion

In the home, such as Kashrut, the preparation of food so that it is rituallyacceptable, for example Kosher foods. Foods containing milk are never mixed withmeat, nor eaten at the same meal. The weekly Sabbath is observed in the home,and begins with a women of the house lighting Sabbath candles. . . . Read more

India`S Religion (279 words)

India`S ReligionReligion in IndiaReligion plays a vital role in the Indian way of life. About 83 percent of the Indian people are Hindus, and about 11 percent are Muslims. The next largest religious groups, in order of size, are Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Jains. Religious laws of the Hindus and . . . Read more

Effects Of Religion On Education

The Effect of Religion on EducationReligion has played an important part in the development of education ever since the beginning, even before the creation of schools. The first schools, which were monasteries, started around the Dark Ages, approximately 450 A.D.; Back then, education’s only purpose was to people of the . . . Read more

Religion In North American Towns

Religion has played a vital role in the settling of many pre-industrial NorthAmerican towns and cities. In fact, religion proved to be one of the mainreasons Europeans broke their affiliation with the dictatorial and themonarchial rule in Europe and came to settle the Americas. Generally, theseparticular religious settlers incorporated town-planning . . . Read more


People may have different views about a belief or religion, but often both sides see a place ofimportance to them in the same way. Jerusalem has a religious importance for three religions. ForChristians, the city is the site of many of the events in the life of Jesus Christ. For . . . Read more

Religion Ways

Members of religions have all acted to unify their society at some point in time. The Arabs in the Middle East tried to unify all the Arab states and three men tried to unify “warring states” of Japan. Those two religions acted to bring people together for a good cause. . . . Read more

Religion, Philosophy, And Scientific Thinking

During the seventeenth century, many philosophers formulated new ideas that would consequently change the beliefs of the common man. The “thinkers” of the Renaissance Period have the way 17th Century man to the current world. In short, the world viewed religion, philosophy, and science in a very different way by . . . Read more