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Philosophy Of Mind

In this paper I plan to show that Searle is correct in claiming that his ChineseRoom Analogy shows that any Turing machine simulation of human understanding ofa linguistic phenomenon fails to possess any real understanding. First I willexplain the Chinese Room Analogy and how it is compared to a Turing . . . Read more

Kantian Philosophy Of Morality

Kantian philosophy outlines the Universal Law Formation of the Categorical Imperative as a method for determining morality of actions. This formula is a two part test. First, one creates a maxim and considers whether the maxim could be a universal law for all rational beings. Second, one determines whether rational . . . Read more

Jewish Philosophy And Social Work

Jewish Social Philosophy For centuries, mankind as a whole has always desired or searched for love at some given point if not for their entire life span. Love is a concept that while the dictionary will give you various definitions, can not really be defined, but rather felt. Even if . . . Read more

Philosophy And Popular Culture

NicoleNovember 7, 2000Political ThoughtThe piece of popular culture that I chose for this assignment is the book by James and Christopher Collier, My Brother Sam Is Dead. A brief description of the events that took place in the book follows. I took the religious aspects of the book and will . . . Read more

Educational Philosophy

Throughout the years the topic of an American public education has been a very controversial subject. Since the time of the early Massachusetts Bay Colony, many have been divided on the role, if any, the government should play in educating America’s children. There has also been debate on the type . . . Read more


March 7, 1999Descartes’ Extreme PhilosophyThe philosopher/scientist/mathematician Rene Descartes lived in a time of sweeping changes across all realms of knowledge. Descartes himself was responsible for many of these changes, one of which was a strong advancement in philosophy. Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy tackle, among many things, two difficult philosophical . . . Read more

Philosophy – Platos Allegory Of The Cave

Philosophy – Plato’s Allegory of the CavePlato was born 427 B.C. and died 347 B.C. He was a pupil under Socrates. During his studies, Plato wrote the Dialogues, which are a collection of Socrates’ teachings. One of the parables included in the Dialogues is “The Allegory of the Cave”. “The . . . Read more

Violence Philosophy

Violence in the basis upon which we live. Wherever we go there is some form oract of violence. Most people have lost the concept of right and wrong. The linethat once stood between them is now blurred. People find that they do no harmwhen they commit an act that’s wrong. . . . Read more

Philosophy – Can Descartes Be Certain He Is Thinking

Can Descartes be certain that he is thinking? How? Can he be certain that he exists? How? (And who is he?)Descartes statement I think therefore I exist raises questions about the meaning of thought, the meaning of existence but most fundamentally, in what sense he can be certain. The difficulty . . . Read more


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