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Country Music Ethnography

Autumn SEthnographic Research AMST 202RA For my ethnographic research I wanted to better understand the history/evolution of country music, and the stereo-types that people have about country music but attending two country music concerts. The first concert I attended was Lady Antebellum, since coming together in Nashville in 2006, the . . . Read more

Says Who? Music Censorship In The New Millenium

Says Who?Citizenship in America holds many rights. Among these rights are the right to vote, the right to bear arms, and the most widely treasured but largely manipulated, right to free speech. As a citizen of America the right to free speech comes along with many responsibilities, but for the . . . Read more

Indian Music

1) Music is the organisation of sounds with some degree of rhythm, melody, andharmony. 2) Popular Music is music produced for and sold to a broad audience. Indian popular music, which is most strongly influenced by Indian folk music isshaped by social, economic, and technological forces. Popular music is closelylinked . . . Read more

Elements Of Music: Sonata

The Sonata Christian Corah 10/6/96In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s the Baroque period gave way to the classical era, introducing many revolutionary new scientific discoveries and theories. This drastically changed the peoples social views and brought on the age of enlightenment. With this change in social philosophy came changes . . . Read more

History Of Arabic Music

History of ArabicMusicArabic music is my favorite musical styling. Although I have come to enjoy classical and contemporary styling as well,Arabic music has almost an innate quality of enjoyment for me. Itssongs speak of the life and culture of Arabic countries and its melodyis not commonly heard on American radio . . . Read more

Arab Music

Arab MusicThe word music comes from the Greek word Mousiki which means ?the science of composing melodies’. Ilm al-musiqa was the name given by the Arabs to the Greek theory of music as to distinguish it from ilm al-ghinaa, the Arabian theory. The Arab music tradition developed in the courts . . . Read more

Music Sensorship

“If he’s to be taken literally, then so is Britney Spear’s invitation to ‘hit me baby one more time,” says one article in Advocate Magazine. They are speaking in reference to the rapper Eminem one they heavily talked-about topic of music censorship. What is music censorship? There is a great . . . Read more

Music For Children (1652 words)

Music For ChildrenEarly is the best time to start children with an enriched musical background. The earlier the child starts to hear and learn about music, the more enrichedand fulfilling the child’s experience of music is going to be. This is even morebeneficial for talented children. A child cannot receive . . . Read more

History Of Music

Music has been around sense the dawn of time. When man first started to discover music it was not the kind of music we have today. All it consisted of was grunts, moans, and banging things. Music has evolved just as much as the people that created it. From Chromagnum . . . Read more


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