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Integrating Media Literacy

They will also be asked to give a short description or definition of what media is. (5 minutes for each group and 10 minutes processing) Defining Media A teacher’s definition of media is crucial because it shapes how one practices and integrates media literacy in his/her subject area. Media has . . . Read more

Mass media

Today, one can sit in a living room and with a smart TV’ remote access archival footages and docudramas through youth r Nettling, great historical moments like the American civil war, Emancipation proclamation, the Gettysburg Address and even relive Martin Luther King’s Jar. “I have a dream” speech and the . . . Read more

Media Influence on Public Policy

Media Influences on Public Policy There is a strong tradition of independent newspapers, magazines, televisions, internet, radio and other forms of media publicizing varying opinions, both critical and supportive of government policy. Blogs and social networking sites also play an important role. For example the Obama campaign relied heavily on . . . Read more

Integrating Social Media Into Marketing Strategy

Abhishek Joshi 6 August 2011 Integrating Social Media into Marketing Strategy Social media takes various forms, such as internet forums, blogs, microblogging, wikis, podcasts, photographs/pictures, video and more. The most important aspect of Social is that is participative and dynamic. (Evans, 2008) The digital footprint of an individual, and in . . . Read more

The Machinist — Media Report

The Machinist A 2004 movie starring Christian Bale John Lowe Psychology 180 Media Report Professors Susan Turner and Julie True September 14, 2011 The Machinist, a 2004 psychological thriller, impressed me by the performance of Christian Bale. To prepare for the movie, he lost nearly seventy pounds to accurately depict . . . Read more


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