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Media: Not Totally To Blame For The Violence In Society

People are quick to blame violence in our society on television, movies or video games because they are simple believable targets. We have to look beyond this disinformation and attack the real causes for the violence in our society. Violence in television programs, movies, or video games will not make . . . Read more


2012 International Conference on Education and Management Innovation IPEDR vol.30 (2012) © (2012) IACSIT Press, SingaporeAcademic Use of Social Media: Practices and Problems of University StudentsIrshad Hussain1?, Naushaba Gulrez 2 and Shaheen Ashraf Tahirkheli32 1The Islamia University of Bahawalur, Pakistan Government College for Women Gulberg Lahore, Pakistan 3 Allama Iqbal . . . Read more

Advertising And Media

The evolution of the mass media is very interesting subject of study thatpresents variations according to different circumstances. One of these is theplace where this evolution takes place. Because media as institutions are partof society, are influenced from any particular characteristic that each societyhas. In the case of Greece, it’s . . . Read more

Religion in the Media

There are a lot of religious issues out there that aren’t getting the coverage that they deserve. If they are getting coverage they are not getting the right coverage, because of lack of information. One story in particular has been told differently by many different news sources. They story of . . . Read more


When asked the question, how do we know whether new media electronic media are helping or hurting society? It’s a loaded question that from my reading of three different authors still hasn’t fully been answered with a yes nor a no. Upon reading Kennedy, Dickerson, and Grove I find that . . . Read more

Media Exercise

Genevieve GreschlerMedia ExerciseWoman’s Studies My immediate reaction to the first image was sadness. It appears as if there was some kind of argument or fight and the woman has been hurt. The fist of the man indicates the power that he holds and the threatening way he holds himself. The . . . Read more

Mass Media

In our society today we as individuals within the mass of Social Media, Television, Internet, and movies have changed in how we have come to interact now in our day to day lives. The ways of yesterday are long gone and we are now a fast, growing, and revolving media . . . Read more

Indian Media

6. Definition. “Communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data or promotional messages are disseminated. Media includes every broadcasting and narrowcasting medium such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, billboards, direct mail, telephone, fax, and internet” . It is a medium by virtue of which the thoughts, feelings, ideas, concepts and . . . Read more

Social Media Research Paper

Of that definition, social networking is defined as, “The use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to oneself. ” All these social media websites, including Backbone, Twitter, Mainstream, Linked, etc. Are classified as social media/networking, and as stated previously, . . . Read more

Research Paper about the Effects of Social Media

We would also like to extend our thanks to our classmates that are very supportive. Finally, we wish to thank our parents for their support and encouragement throughout this study and especially to the God Almighty. 2 INTRODUCTION Just as the Internet has changed the way Filipinos buy music, organize . . . Read more


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