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Database Management

Introduction to Database Management System Objective This unit will cover following topics: * Definition of a database. * Difference between relational database and file system. * Advantages of Relational Database. * Tools for maintaining and retrieving data from a relational database. At the completion of this unit the learner will . . . Read more

System Design & Management Analysis

SYSTEM DESIGN & MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS System Design & Management Analysis Veronica Brown-Corbin University of Phoenix Contemporary Systems Management MGT/736 Brian E. Polding, Ph. D March 12, 2007 System Design & Management Analysis Management must recognize the system design and management of an organization are subject to internal and external influences. . . . Read more

Overview of Risk Management

Overview of risk management: Week one assignment James P. England HCS/451 September, 19, 2011 Barbara Smith Overview of risk management: Week one assignment * | Risk Management| Quality Management| How does the leadership and governance of a health care organization influence the development and implementation of risk-management and quality-management policies? . . . Read more

Warehouse Management Case Study

Warehouse Management case study From the perspective of modern logistics systems, storage is an important part of logistics is the logistics system, distribution center, hoping for effective logistics warehouse here, scientific management and control, so that the logistics system more smoothly, more reasonable to run. In this paper, the importance . . . Read more

Earning Management

Teaching Note on How the Earnings Management Teaching Module Can Be Taught Teaching Aims of the Module The Earnings Management Teaching Module is designed to help faculty teach how companies might manipulate earnings to maximize revenues, minimize expenses, and/or create reserves by setting aside some earnings in the current period . . . Read more

Water Resource Management in Malaysia

Water Resources Management in Malaysia: NGO Perspectives Chan Ngai Weng Professor Geography Section School of Humanities Universiti Sains Malaysia 11800 USM Penang, Malaysia {email: nwchan@usm. my} ABSTRACT Water is expected to be the main issue in the 21st century as this vital resource becomes increasingly polluted and scarce. In the . . . Read more

The Organizing Function of Management

The Organizing Function of Management “Management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals” (Bateman & Snell, 2011). There are four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The organizing function of management refers to the ability to assemble and coordinate human, financial, physical, . . . Read more

Leadership & Management

Leadership and Management: Historically a Part of Life Liberty University BUSI 501: Executive Leadership and Management Since the early 1800s, multiple influential contributors have analyzed management and leadership. Controversy stills remains over similarities and differences between management and leadership. Colm McCormick, author of Leadership, Leadership, Leadership claims that “…everyday leadership . . . Read more

The Most Common Problems in Project Management as Perceived by Project Managers in Abu Dhabi in 2011

Chapter 1 Introduction Project Management is not something new in today’s world as it has been practiced since the early civilization by early architects and engineers such as Vitruvius, a Roman writer, architect and engineer, Christopher Wren, Thomas Telford and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Though it has been used before, organizations . . . Read more


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