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Disaster Management

Disaster Management in PakistanDr. Muhammad Asim1 List of Hazards in Pakistan • List down2 History of Disaster Management• Pakistan is vulnerable to disaster risks from a range of hazards including cyclones/storms, droughts, earthquakes, epidemics, floods, glacial lake outbursts, landslides, pest attacks, river erosion and tsunami. Also Human induced hazards like oil spills, . . . Read more

Strategic Management Process

Strategic Management Process PaperMGT/498December 21st, 2013Strategic Management Process Paper There are five stages of the strategic management process. These stages are goal-setting, analysis, strategy formation, strategy implementation and strategy monitoring or evaluation and control. These stages are the philosophical approach to business and not just a set of rules to . . . Read more

Research Paper Sales Management

It ‘s viewed as a recess that adds value. Personal selling has known an evolution from the industrial economy to the information economy. That began in the 1 sass. The new emphasis is information exchange rather than producing goods. That means strong implications for personal selling. In industrial economy, advances . . . Read more

Strategic Operations Management Case Study

Selling its products through department stores, Hagen Style developed as a reinserting firm with regarding to direct marketing operations. Hagen Style engaged a number of tactics which allowed them to work al lot of representatives selling their products from door-to-door or at community centre. Hagen Style had two distribution centre . . . Read more

Disaster And Crisis Management

A research done by the MIFF suggests that the world is experiencing an increase in the number of victims of natural disasters (Laboratories & Look, 2012). This is mainly because the occurrence of natural disasters has increased rapidly for the past half century. Additionally, more than 450 million people were . . . Read more

Operational Management quiz

The term volume refers to: The number of times a product or service has to be produced The space required to provide a product or service The number of different types of product or service offered The peaks and troughs of demand Flowcharts tell you: Where activities take place How . . . Read more

Emerging Operational Challenges in Airport Management

Emerging Operational Challenges in Airport Management PROJECT REPORT ON “EMERGING OPERTIONAL CHALLENGES IN AIRPORT MANAGEMENT” Submitted for the Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Law and Air Transport Management (PGDALATM-2) Submitted by VINAY SHANKAR September 2011 Delhi Centre Emerging Operational Challenges in Airport Management 2 TABEL OF CONTENTS: Contents INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW . . . Read more

Mba Project Management Assignment

MBA1 Project Management Assignment 2 MBA Module I Xiangyu Kong, S15 Cohort HAMLINE UNIVERSITY                                   Mar. 25, 2010 School of Business MBA Module I 1. “Lean” and “Six Sigma” readings ? What are the key themes/approaches of Lean and six Sigma, how are they different and how do they each . . . Read more

Framework: Human Resource Management

Jenard Fluker MAN 2300-13 Framework: Human Resource Management Everest University Online Framework: Human Resource Management Human Resources Manager (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment, management, and providing direction of the people who work in the organization. Human Resources Manager can also be performed by line . . . Read more

Apple Financial Management

As we all know, companies are in business to make money. A company may have the best product on the market or in every household but the question still remains. Are they making money? In this section, we will be taking a detail look at the financials of Apple since . . . Read more


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