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Wildlife Management In Africa

Wildlife Management in AfricaIn the past three decades, many of Africa’s wild animals have suffered a massive decline in population due to poaching. Africa is the world’s second largest continent and home to thousands of species of animals. Unlike in North America, most of these animals roam completely free in . . . Read more


COLLEGE OF BUSINESS, HOSPITALITY, AND TOURISM STUDIES DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT, IR & OHSMGT703 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENTCASE STUDY POOJA PRIYANKA MAHARAJ 2011006718 1. Define Strategic Management and critically discuss why strategic Management has become so important to a new company e.g. With the Fiji Airways.Strategic management is a set of managerial decisions . . . Read more

Business Management

Task: Choose a company and identify all motivational (employee-centered) programs that the company has in place. Then ascertain the significance and objectives of these programs. Next provide a critique of these programs. Finally, recommend changes that will improve on the programs and/or new programs that will better meet the objectives . . . Read more

The History and Future of Legal Regulations and Their Impact on the Facilities Management MagazineFacilities Management Magazine: Premises & Facilities Management   [Contact Premises & Facilities Management]The history and future of legal regulations and their impact on the FM in the UK SEE US ON: | | | | | SHARE: | | | | |Legal LegacyIn the 10 years since Workplace Law held its . . . Read more

Performance Management

Performance management FrameworkAs organizations try to execute business strategies, focus employees on work that matters, hold people accountable, pay for performance and measure the return on their intangible assets, HR processes continue to be revisited and revamped. Technology has become the great enabler, but unfortunately, it can’t solve the challenges . . . Read more

Management Definition

The Definition of ManagementBY MARK SHEAD LEAVE A COMMENTIf you look up the dictionary definition of management, among many examples you will find clues as to the real definition of management. This article simply takes an assortment of definitions and looks at what they say and what they imply about management.“Management” (from Old . . . Read more

Management Theories

A CRITICAL EVALUATION OF APPLCATION OF APPROACHES TO MANAGEMENT THEORY: THE VOLKSWAGEN WAY TODAY BY ADEFOLAYIGA TOKUNBO1.0 INTRODUCTIONThe work environment’s constant dynamism is change and this evolves in line with an explicatory management theory. This paper seeks to analyse the management theory approaches applied by the Volkswagen group in its . . . Read more

strategic management

Task This assignment is in report format in two parts each worth approx. 50%: a) Investigation and analysis (50%) Individually, choose a branded mobile phone network provider (concentrating on the network service provision). Investigate and evaluate the marketing strategy of the producer/owner using contemporary marketing tools and techniques. You may . . . Read more

Business Management

The Impact of Dubai Expo 2020 on UAE EconomyHosting of the Expo 2020 in Dubai will have major impacts to the country. It will bring huge economic benefits before and after the event and also create many jobs for the people of the country. The advantages of the Expo 2020 . . . Read more

Sales Management Issues at Biolab

Sales Management issues at BiolabIf we take the evidence available in the case study at face value then Biolab presents as an organisation with less than ideal processes in relation to sales management.Due to the word count limitations I have chosen to concentrate on the following sales management issues identified . . . Read more