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Great Depression Interview

When were you born? March 6, 1924How did the Great Depression affect your life (childhood) at the time? Didn’t know we were poorHad to wait for thingsDuring the Depression, where did you live? How was that geographic area affected by the Depression? Lived in Queens, NYEveryone was the sameOnly people . . . Read more

Interview Of Insurance Ad

annonInterview of an Insurance Field AdjusterAs I fumbled through radio stations, the unforgettable memories ofa horn blaring, tires screeching, and turning just in time to see a trucksmashing into my car came flooding back. Glass shattering, the airbagdeploying, I had gasped for breath from the sudden impact. It is sad . . . Read more

Terrorism Interview Speech English Foa Ib

Q1. Before you start your usual speech against Muslim discrimination, I would like to bring to your notice that recently 2 Muslims were executed yesterday for attempting to bomb some cities in the USA. Now, the higher authorities are not letting Muslims enter our country and are considering killing all . . . Read more

Interview Project: Compare and Contrast Two Manager

Students: Bui Nguon Anh Tuan Pham Van SonClass: Bbus3.1Interview Project: Compare and Contrast Two ManagerManagement has been playing a crucial role in every company since it can decide whether a company can work efficiently or has good and loyal employees or not. In order to understand deeper about how management . . . Read more

Interview With Socrates

Greek philosopher and educational reformer of the fifth century B.C.; born at Athens, 469 B.C.; died there, 399 B.C. After having received the usual Athenian education in music (which included literature), geometry, and gymnastics, he practised for a time the craft of sculptor, working, we are told, in his father’s . . . Read more

Secret Recipe Interview Conducted

Introduction Secret Recipe is a lifestyle cafe chain which has become a household name following its introduction in 1997. Secret Recipe has reputable its brand name in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Philippines by high calibre of its fine quality cakes and brownies, mixture food like western food, Malay food, . . . Read more

Entrepreneur Paper Interview

Panino Restaurant The entrepreneur that I interviewed was Lydia Patterson. In 1989, Lydia and her husband, Lou, decided to start planning to open up a new Italian restaurant in Virginia. The restaurant industry, especially in the Washington DC area is very competitive. It is highly competitive with respect to price, . . . Read more

Small Business Interview Analysis

Schumpter (1934) saw the definition of an entrepreneur as not only individuals who bears the risk of buying and selling at uncertain prices , but more of process by which an economy moves forward through the act of creative disruption or innovation. There are many different avenues on what defines . . . Read more


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