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Cable Modems: Cable Tv Meets The Internet

Cable Modems: Cable TV Meets the InternetJohn G. ShawIS 3348October 2, 1999AbstractThe Telecommunications Act of 1996 opened the way for cable TV (CATV) companies to become full-fledged telecommunications companies, offering two-way voice and data communications services, in addition to television programming. After passage of the Act, the cable companies were . . . Read more

The New Internet

The New InternetWithout a doubt, the Internet is undergoinga major transition as it experiences a tremendous influx of new users. Due to the anarchic, distributed nature of the net, we cannot even beginto enumerate the population of the Internet or its growth. As more of theworld’s population moves on-line, new . . . Read more

The History Of The Internet

The Historyof the InternetThe Internet has update the computer andcommunications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph,telephone, radio, and computer set the stage for this unprecedented integrationof capabilities. The Internet is at once a world-wide broadcasting capability,a mechanism for information distribution, and a medium for collaborationand interaction between . . . Read more

Internet Rating Systems: Censors By Default

The Internet, first designed for the military and the scientific community, has grown larger and faster than anyone could have ever expected. Now being a potpourri of information, from business to entertainment, the Internet is quickly gaining respect as a useful and important tool in thousands of applications, both globally . . . Read more

Companies And Other Organizations Use Internet/web Sites For Different

purposes. In general, a web site provides an interface while the Internet provides cost-effective communication capabilities. For this project assignment, the Nike Corporation was chosen and will be dissected for information technology analysis. The Nike Corporation is engaged in the design, development, and worldwide marketing of high quality footwear, apparel, . . . Read more

The Internet Economy

The internet, the world wide data connection that has caught on like a wild fire sweeping through a parched California forest, has wide ranging implications on our world economy. Locally, we have witnessed staggering swings of fortune in more ?dot-com? firms than any other form of business in American history. . . . Read more

Napster, The Internet, And Mp3s

The Internet. It is a vast network of millions of users, surfing and sharing billions of files, all day, every day. This scares many copyright holders out of their minds. After all, there is virtually no one to protect these copyright holders from the misuse of their intellectual property – . . . Read more

Internet Appliances Have Arrived

This article was about a new kind of devices referred to as “Internet Appliances”. These devices look like small PCs but they only come with the online essentials: a screen, a keyboard, a modem, and a browser (no hard disk or floppy drive). These devices are directed at consumers who . . . Read more

Censorship And The Internet

?Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances?. (United States Constitution) So reads . . . Read more


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