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2 Events in Post World War Ii American History

Phase 3 Individual Project Shanta Murphy Colorado Technical University Online HIST125- 1104B- 08 October 24, 2011 There were quite a few things that have occurred during World War II American history that one could focus on. From all of the events we have to choose from, I am going to . . . Read more

Ryanair History

History ATR-42 in 1991 Ryanair has grown since its establishment in 1985 from a small airline flying a short hop from Waterford to London into one of Europe’s largest carriers. After the rapidly growing airline was taken public in 1997, the money raised was used to expand the airline into . . . Read more

Brief History of Jamia Millia Islamia

Jamia Millia Islamia, an institution originally established at Aligarh in United Provinces, India in 1920 became a Central University by an act of the Indian Parliament in 1988. In Urdu language, Jamia means ‘University’, and Millia means ‘National’. The story of its growth from a small institution in the pre-independence . . . Read more

History of Algeria

Alternative Names In Arabic, the country is known as Al-Jaza’ir, which is short for Al-Jumhuriyal Al-Jaza’iriyah ad-dimuqratiyah ash-sha’biyah. Orientation Identification. The name Algeria is derived from the name of the country’s oldest continuous settlement and modern capital, Algiers, a strategically located port city with access to both Europe and the . . . Read more

History of the Detective Story

The changing cultural mythology of crime has given rise to many different popular genres. Some of these genres have been essentially adventure stories or melodramas, but one of the most prominent embodies the cultural mythology of detectives, criminals, police, and suspects in a classic form that is almost pure mystery. . . . Read more

Ancient History and Prehistory

Ancient history is the study of the written past[1] from the beginning of recorded human history to the Early Middle Ages. The span of recorded history is roughly 5,000 years, with Cuneiform script, the oldest discovered form of coherent writing, from the protoliterate period around the 30th century BC. [2] . . . Read more

Maltese Ww2 History Mystery

In ww2 Malta suffered multiple bombardments especially round the cities were the grand harbour was situated. Approximately 30,000 buildings were destroyed or damaged. The death toll only rose to about 1300 and to this very day the toll has been a great mystery since not so many people perished. In . . . Read more

Hate Crimes in American History X

Racism has a strong history in this country and even though it ended nearly 150 years ago, it still exists today. American History X is a movie surrounded around the hate crime caused by the division between the white supremacists and other minorities. Blacks and whites refused to even play . . . Read more

Tobacco History

TOBACCO – History TOBACCO is a plant native to the Americas and historically one of the half-dozen most important crops grown by American farmers. More specifically, tobacco refers to any of various plants of the genus Nicotiana, (especially N. tabacum) native to tropical America and widely cultivated for their leaves, . . . Read more

Why Do We Study History?

Why do we study History? We study History today to learn about certain things that occurred in the past. History is important because it tells you when things happened, how they happened, and what contributed to it. Without History, we wouldn’t be organized and people would have no idea of . . . Read more


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