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Education And Egalitarianism In America

The American educator Horace Mann once said: As an apple is not in any proper sense an apple until it is ripe, so a human being is not in any proper sense a human being until he is educated. Education is the process through which people endeavor to pass along . . . Read more

Race In Education (891 words)

Race In EducationRace in EducationFall of 1999, I applied for the University of Idaho to pursue a bachelor degree. I could be the first in my family to obtain this accomplishment. The issue that always came to mind was will I have enough money? Racial issues in the state of . . . Read more

Education And Entertainment

Both entertainment and education have been integrals parts of the humanexperience since the beginnings of time. Many scholars insist that the twoinstitutions often serve jointly, with entertainers and entertainment serving asa main source of education. There is little argument, then, that in addition togenerally appealing to the masses, entertainers have . . . Read more

Bilingual Education Vs. English Only

The Debate Between Bilingual Education and English Immersion Programs Bilingual Education is defined as any school program that uses two languages. In a more theoretical sense it is any educational program whose ultimate goal is for the participants to be fully versed in all facets of both languages (i.e., able . . . Read more

Alternative Education

Alternative education caters to multifarious groups of students or unprofessional classified according to their needs and circumstances in life. Alternative education programs were designed because of pressures from concerned parents, teachers, students and government officials to ameliorate substandard education and dangerous environment in most public schools. Seeing its benefits, educators . . . Read more

The History Of Computers In Education

The first use of computers by high school students began in the mid-1970’s. But during this period, students and teachers did not have direct access to them. Only mathematics courses used them, and it was primarily used to learn how to write computer-programming code like Fortran. These students would write . . . Read more

Open Education

Between 1967 and 1976, the ideas and practices of open education spread rapidlyacross the United States. Even today the idea of open education is still growingin popularity. Since it was just beginning to gain popularity in 1967, parentsand teachers swarmed to workshops in hopes of better understanding the openconcept. Many . . . Read more

Stressing The Importance Of Male And Female Education

Different people have different ideas and opinions as to whether it is more important to educate boys or girls. Some believe that the education of boys is more important than that of the girls, and meanwhile others disagree. In reality, the choice depends on what country, culture, or society we . . . Read more


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