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Marxism And Economics

Human relationships have always been dynamic. Change and adaptability have gonehand in hand with the passage of time for human society. Systems have beendeveloped to regulate, direct and control the resources of this society. Thesystems are referred to as governments and the resources as the populace orinhabitants and forces of . . . Read more

Economics Of Europe

The Effects of Post-Industrialism On the Political Economy of WesternEuropeThe Decline of Corporatist BargainingThe sustained, high economic growth in Western Europe during the post-war period until 1973 led to dramatic changes in theregion’s political economy. As advances in transportation and communication extended the reach of international trade into newareas of . . . Read more

Manichism In Economics

The Manichaean character of economics. Charles Kindleberger. Abstract: Economicsis said to have adopted a certain degree of dualism. None of its tenets havebeen absolute in terms of social effectiveness. To survive in an economicsystem, rules must be enforced to ensure the peace. There are times whenpluralism is good for a . . . Read more

A Report On American Economics

Most of the problems of the United states are related to the economy. One of the major issues facing the country today is social security. The United States was one of the last major industrialized nations to establish a social security system. In 1911, Wisconsin passed the first state workers . . . Read more


1966 LRH There are certain characteristics and mental attitudes whichcause about 20% of a race to oppose violently any bettermentactivity or group. Such people are known to have anti-social tendencies. When thelegal or political structure of a country becomes such as tofavor such personalities in positions of trust, then all . . . Read more

Economics Of Aquaculture United States

Economics of Aquaculture United States Aquaculture is the fastest growing agricultural industry in the United States. In 1990, there were over 100 species cultured; eight species accounted for approximately 70% of total culture, with over 3400 aquaculture operations in the United States. This trend is driven by increased demand for . . . Read more

Heres One On The Deficit For Those Economics Classes

here’s one on the deficit for those economics classesSubject: the deficit good or badDeficit Spending?Spending financed not by current tax receipts, but by borrowing ordrawing upon past tax reserves.? , Is it a good idea? Why does the U.S. run a deficit? Since 1980 the deficit has grown enormously. Some . . . Read more

The Necessity Of Positive And Normative Economics

Keynes once wrote: “The object of a positive science is the establishment of uniformities, of a normative science the determination of ideals.” (Blaug, 122) This is the dichotomy that economists recognize when approaching their field of study. The social scientist must recognize both positive and normative distinctions, means and ends, . . . Read more

Economics Of Immigration

From the origin of the United States, immigration has been crucial for the economic advancement and expansion of the nation. The US truly is a melting pot of many cultures and ideas, and it has benefited greatly from its diversity. However, with a much-reduced demand for unskilled or low-skilled workers, . . . Read more

Enlightenment And Economics

The Enlightenment is the name given to the intellectual movement that wascentered in the Western World, mainly Europe, during the 18th century. The riseof modern science greatly influenced the enlightenment. It was also theaftermath of the long religious conflict that followed the Reformation. Thethinkers of the Enlightenment were dedicated to . . . Read more


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