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Comparative Study of Global Role of Foreign Aid in the Development and Associates Strategies for Pakistan

————————————————- ————————————————- COMPARATIVE STUDY OF GLOBAL ROLE OF FOREIGN AID IN THE DEVELOPMENT AND ASSOCIATES STRATEGIES FOR PAKISTAN Jul 232008 MEHMOOD UL HASSAN KHAN ABSTRACT Foreign aid plays very essential role in the overall development of a country provided it is utilized properly. Due to the scarcity of economic resources . . . Read more

Child Development Stages

Child Developmental Stages Child development comes in stages, and although not all children develop at the same rate, this timeline describes what typically occurs from the pre-natal stage through infancy and up to two years old. Pre-natal development is the most significant segment of human development. 15 days after conception . . . Read more

How Did the Industrial Transformation After the Civil War Compare with the Earlier Phase of American Economic Development? (See Chapter 14) Why Were the Economic Developments of 1865-1900 Often Seen as a Threat to

The industrial transformation following the Civil War included many similar circumstances to the industrial boom between 1815 and 1900. In that time period, Eli Whitney’s cotton gin and the McCormick Reaper incited a new and more efficient way of living. The revolutionary changes made to the entire society allowed the . . . Read more

Infrastructure and Rural Development in Malaysia

INFRASTRUCTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN MALAYSIA Introduction 1. Malaysia has achieved substantial success in its rural development, especially in reducing the incidence of poverty in both rural and urban. In the process, the rural areas have been developed with infrastructures, utility, social amenities, health and school facilities and etc to . . . Read more


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