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Masushita and Changing in Japan’s Culture

Questions and data from Closing case of International Business, Charles Hill: 1. The triggers of cultural change in Japan during the 1990s are the followings: ? The generation born after 1964 had grew up in a richer world where Western ideas affects their thinking and the possibilities seemed greater. Therefore, . . . Read more

Global Culture

Culture is defined as our overall way of life, including language, customs, beliefs, and the use of material things. This definition includes something called “material culture. ” Because of instantaneous global communications, especially television, a global culture is developing. Just as French was once the language of trade, English is . . . Read more

Culture of Beauty in America

c CULTURE OF BEAUTY IN AMERICA In this country, we as Americans have developed a strong a tragic obsession with beauty. From the endless advertisements and media feeding us with an unattainable standard of beauty, we have become desensitized to what is truly beautiful; corrupting our perceptions, ideas, and even . . . Read more

Do Non-Human Primates Have Culture?

Do Non-Human Primates Have Culture? September 26, 2011 Andrew Baron Do non-human primates have culture? Let’s first start off by asking ourselves; what distinguishes us from other primates? It used to be said that what distinguished us from other anthropoids was our use of tools. With new discoveries in the . . . Read more

Southwest Airlines Organizational Behavior Culture

SWA Organizational Behavior Culture Southwest Airlines’ Success through Organization Culture Kristin Philip Abstract This paper, “Southwest Airlines’ Success through Organization Culture” gives an account of the development of the organizational culture of Southwest Airlines. The paper starts with the background of Southwest and its development over the years. The paper . . . Read more

Malay Culture and Society

Malay Culture and Society Essay “Malaysian Music” Tounsi Marwa MH101062 Malaysian music Music is an art that is complementary and touches to the culture of a country. As for example Malaysian music that summarize all different culture in Malaysia like Indians Malay and Chinese. In this article I will try . . . Read more

The Culture of Country Music

The Culture of Country Music Country music is one of the most relatable forms of self-expression in our current culture; it is often used to express the personal thoughts, ways of living, and spirituality in the everyday lives of its listeners. Country music has grown to accommodate a very large . . . Read more


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