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Sport Like A Mixed Form Of Communication

Sport Like a Mixed Form of CommunicationUnderstanding of mass communication without attention to sport coverage is practically impossible. Through the mass media, millions and even billions of viewers, listeners and readers are brought into the experience of a great sports performance. The emotional power of sports performance enchanted by slow-motion . . . Read more

Technical Communication – Definition

Definition of a SatelliteIn aerospace and space exploration a satellite, also known as an artificial satellite, is a manmade object launched into space to orbit the Earth, moon, sun or other celestial body. Although the word satellite is now connected with the world of space exploration, it is actually quite . . . Read more

Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communication The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) approach is becoming so popular among marketers. But why is the IMC so welcomed by most marketers? There are many reasons. The most fundamental reason is that marketers are recognizing the value of strategically integrating the various communication functions rather than having . . . Read more

Exploring Communication in a Romantic Relationship

AbstractIt is a well -known fact that good communication is important in any romantic relationships. Communication can be measured in a numerous amount of different ways in regards to intimacies in a relationship. Romantic relationships stress on the factors that drives the relationships to be successful weather it is through . . . Read more

Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan

Master of Business Administration – International Business & EntrepreneurshipMaster Thesis EFO705 – Thesis Group 2019Study Terms 2007-2008School of Sustainable Development of Society and TechnologyMalardalens UniversityVasteras, Sweden.Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in Pakistan!Muhammad Kashif Omer Malik840310-P655E-mail: [email protected]: Leif LinnskogDate: 01 Sep 2008 Marketing Communication of Pepsi & Coca Cola in . . . Read more

Nonverbal Communication

While nonverbal communication was once considered innate, it is now recognized that nonverbal communication including body movements, facial expressions, gestures, and the study of time and space etc.. Often varies from culture to culture” (Guy & Huh, 2013). “Kinesics is the formal study of communicating with body movements” (Rowe & . . . Read more

Transactional Communication

Brock Hissings Communications as action and transactional are anywhere from simple recognitions of symbols to deeper understandings of meanings between people. As vague as both definitions seem at first, it’s pretty simple to grasp the fact that we experience these types of communications quite frequently every single day. My ex-girlfriend . . . Read more

Small Groups Communication

The article I found talk’s team effectiveness, project management & group dynamics helps businesses and groups. It explains effective management skills and how to apply them. I this article helpful because of the importance of group dynamics and gives examples on why they are so effective. A summary of the . . . Read more

Student Communication in Online Classes

Running head: Student Communication in Online Classes Student Communication in Online Classes Janai C. Trammell Grand Canyon University: UNV 501 June 29, 2011 Student Communication in Online Classes Today many colleges and universities are offering online courses yet completion and retention rates are continuously lower than those set in a . . . Read more


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