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biology 1406

• Somatic cells (nonreproductive cells) have two sets of chromosomes• Gametes (reproductive cells: sperm and eggs) have half as many chromosomes as somatic cells• Gametes are produced by a variation of cell division called meiosis which is a special type of mitosis that yields nonidentical daughter cells that have only . . . Read more

Biology Vocabulary

1. Biology: The study of life2. Organization: the high degree of order within an organism’s internal and external parts and in its interactions with the living world3. Cell: the smallest unit that can perform all life’s processes4. Unicellular: made up of one cell5. Multicellular: multiple cells6. Organ: a structure that . . . Read more

Biology Biota

Biology Research Task 11BIO_4Biology Research Task Biology Research Task 11BIO_4Biology Research Task Evolution of Australian BiotaEvolution of Australian BiotaPreliminary Biology Research Assessment Task- Evolution of Australian Biota PART A: Evidence for the re-arrangement of crustal plates and continental drift indicates that Australia was once part of an ancient supercontinent. 1. . . . Read more


Biology Why are enzymes added to detergentsCertain enzymes are very effective, in small amounts, for removing certain target substances. When enzymes find their designated stains, they lock on and remove them, then continue to the next stain. The enzymes used in laundry detergents act on materials that make up a . . . Read more

Research paper on muscle biology

It is not due to diseases, but a normal part of the aging process, and multiple physiological ND psychological factors seem to contribute to it. Sarcophagi has been associated with a higher risk of falls, incident disability and all-cause mortality in the elderly. Despite this phenomenon has major clinical, social . . . Read more

Environmental Biology

Essay Question 1 Explain how changes in habitat can lead to habitat fragmentation. How does this affect the population of animals in that area? Species lose their habitats when those habitats are destroyed outright, but habitat loss also occurs when habitats are altered through more subtle processes, including fragmentation and . . . Read more


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