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Appreciation Of Art And Science In Society

One needs both art and science to befulfilled. If we see a playthe lighting is manipulated and the props are measuredand cut to a certain size. In music there is rhythm and time. In architecture there ismeasurement and surveying. Ifart is focused upon more than science or science is focused . . . Read more

The Art of War

War is an extremely controversial topic, especially amongst philosophers. It raises many ethical and political questions, the most important, perhaps, being the circumstances under which going to war are justifiable. Views on the law of war vary greatly. Some believe non-violence is the only acceptable approach, while others believe preventive . . . Read more

Elements And Principles Of Art

Close on the color wheel), contrasting, neutral, ochre, tint (adding white to something), hue, pastel, saturated/De saturated, luminous, transparent (more see through), opaque, translucent, fluorescent (neon). 3. Texture Smooth, bumpy, cracked, coarse, velvety, silky, elastic, soft, rough, hard, soft, real, implied, layered, rigid, natural, organic, tactile (experiencing from touch), surface. . . . Read more

Art Regents

I have produced at least 5 projects that reflect my passion for graphic design including the New York World’s Fair, currency recreation, and the handmade film poster from the first semester of my junior year and from the second half up until my most recent project, a book jacket, and . . . Read more

Dada Art

Kathy Sandy Destruction creates Construction “We declare that the splendor of the world has been enriched with a new form of beauty, the beauty of speed. ” Martinetti The Foundation and Manifesto of Futurism, 1908. The idea of futurism was brought on during World War I, the impact of the . . . Read more

Rationality: the Art of Decision Making

The French philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote in his Pensees about a very interesting way to believe in the Christian God. Pascal argues that people have to choose how to act: whether to believe in God or not. However, Pascal arrives at the conclusion that belief in the Christian God is . . . Read more

Aztec Art

In the Aztec society, women had a major contribution to daily life and were held in high regard. Though women were looked at as equals or compliments to men in the sense of raising families and what they contributed to daily life, they were also thought of as being instigators . . . Read more


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