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2 Events in Post World War Ii American History

Phase 3 Individual Project Shanta Murphy Colorado Technical University Online HIST125- 1104B- 08 October 24, 2011 There were quite a few things that have occurred during World War II American history that one could focus on. From all of the events we have to choose from, I am going to . . . Read more

American Colonies in Early 1600 and 1700

Running head; AMERICAN COLONIES IN EARLY 1600 AND 1700. American colonies in early 1600 and 1700 Name; Institution; Date; INTRODUCTION America’s colonial history can be described in terms of the economic, political and social events of the early sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The two centuries came with two sets of . . . Read more

American Interest in Afghanistan

American interest in Afghanistan: Drone attacks: The United States government, led by the Central Intelligence Agency’s Special Activities Division, has made a series of attacks on targets in northwest Pakistan since 2004 using drones (unmanned aerial vehicles). Under the George W. Bush administration, these controversial attacks were called a part of the US’ “War on Terrorism” . . . Read more

American Rhetoric – Mercy for Leopold and Loeb

American Rhetoric: “Mercy for Leopold and Loeb” by Clarence Darrow Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, the sons of two of Chicago’s wealthiest and most prominent German Jewish families, precipitated one of the twentieth century’s most sensational mass media events when they kidnapped and murdered a fourteen-year-old neighbor boy, Robert Franks, . . . Read more

Hate Crimes in American History X

Racism has a strong history in this country and even though it ended nearly 150 years ago, it still exists today. American History X is a movie surrounded around the hate crime caused by the division between the white supremacists and other minorities. Blacks and whites refused to even play . . . Read more

How Did the Industrial Transformation After the Civil War Compare with the Earlier Phase of American Economic Development? (See Chapter 14) Why Were the Economic Developments of 1865-1900 Often Seen as a Threat to

The industrial transformation following the Civil War included many similar circumstances to the industrial boom between 1815 and 1900. In that time period, Eli Whitney’s cotton gin and the McCormick Reaper incited a new and more efficient way of living. The revolutionary changes made to the entire society allowed the . . . Read more


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