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Sample Outline for Case Analyses

Analysis Section
A. Problem Statement
As government contracts diminished and competition coming from other larger-scale companies, ASG become less responsive to the market and make less profit. So the biggest problem for the ASG is how to sustain the profitability and become more responsive to their increasing commercial customer base. ASG must change itself include company culture, organizational structure. B. Identification of Problem Causes
The problems are such:
1. Government contracts diminished. The government contracts represent close 100 percent of ASG’s business and it has cost-plus contracts which guarantee a minimum profit for the company. So the workers in ASG do not have to worry about the quality, time, cost. As contracts diminished, it is very hard to maintain profitability if they do not change themselves.
2. Competition from other companies endangers the position of ASG in the market. They are larger-scale, highly flexible, and vertically integrated companies who were global in both strength, and capacities. These companies have many advantages over the ASG and give big rush to ASG.
3. The culture of ASG is very formal, hierarchical, and traditional. It is not ready for ASG to meet the challenge in the following years. ASG should reconstruct the company culture which could motivate the employees and make much profit.
4. The organizational structure is unreasonable which makes the ASG inefficient during operation and less communication between leader and employees. People at the top may have only four or five people report to them, however, entry-level supervisors were reporting for 25 to 30 people. Less face to face communication leads to decision-making delay and opportunity-missing.
5. Compensation and benefits is too high. The company compensation is policy was 30 percent above marker rate which…

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