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Steps to Christ

Steps To Christ Steps to Christ is a book that concentrates on the life of Jesus Christ and the love that God pours down on us by his amazing grace and his beautiful nature. During the first few chapters of the book it explains to us the way to come to God. After this the rest of the book explains how to engage and remain true to God. One vivid parallel I got from the book was that even though plants have thistles and vines have thorns, there are beautiful flowers still grow on them.

This works wonderful with the main theme of the book “Steps to Christ” on how God has earning love for us even though we have “thorns and thistles”, and by his grace and mercy we can be made clean and develop into beautiful flowers. “For God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son… ” (John 3:16) tells us of Gods amazing love for man. We learn that even though we as sinful humans are always sinning God is always bestowing blessings upon us because of his extraordinary love for us. During the beginning of the book one of the most critical points the came popping out at me was about repentance.

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Ellen G. White talks about the fact that there are generally two different types of ways to repent. One way you can repent is by true meaning and truly wanted forgiveness from God; while some others might only be repenting in fear for punishment, not actually being wholeheartedly apologetic for their sins. The book tells us that we must come to the Lord knowing that he is our best friend and there is no reason to not come to the Lord. As the book continues it tells us ways to stay connected to God and for us to live the rest of our lives in Him.

Steps to Christ tells us that God will help us with our needs as long as we are faithful and believe in his promises. Mrs. White also says that when we have a close relationship with God he will fulfill his words to us. This speaks to me because it tells me to go directly to the Word for inspiration, which will increase us. In the book Steps to Christ we find out what the main human problem and what its solution is. In the book we find that the main problem is temptation and falling into sin. Through disobedience and perversion and selfishness we grew farther from God.

But because God is a loving a gracious God he was willing to give his son so that we might be saved through Jesus Christ from sin. Because of sin we are far from God, but we will always have the solution of Jesus Christ. “His grace alone can quicken the lifeless faculties of the soul, and attract it to God” (STC). During this book we also come to the question of how a sinner can be saved? This question can be answered from a direct scripture of the Bible expressed in Steps to Christ “Behold, the Lamb of God who taketh away our sins” (John 1:19).

Even though we know this sometimes Satan will tell us that we are a great sinner, but Mrs. White tells us to look at the Redeemer and talk of his merits. Acknowledge you sin, and remember that Christ came into the world to save the sinner, that we might be saved. Mrs. White also tells us that Jesus will not force anything on us. In the Bible it says that Jesus is knocking at the door. He, by no means, is fighting to get in, but is waiting for you to open and invite him inside. As apart of God’s perfection is the power of choice. Through Jesus Christ we can overcome sin but first we have to come to him and be willing to be saved.

Another question comes up in what is the meaning of faith and grace relating to the book, Steps to Christ? At the end of the book faith to me means the things hoped for without being able to see the provider. In the book it tells us that Christ will change our hearts if we believe in him and put all our faith in him, so that we can truly be tools for HIS work. Mrs. White tells us that as long as we keep a strong connection with Christ by faith, he will work in us and do things for his good pleasure. And we can be sure that anything that God does in our lives that is of his good pleasure, we will surely be pleased with the outcome.

At the end of the book the definition of grace to me was something given to us that we do not deserve, or a gift of great magnitude that is bestowed upon us. Ellen White tells us that those who are partakers of grace will be ready to make any sacrifice. It is the greatest gift of all, because it is given to us because of Gods love for us, not because we deserve it. Also in Steps to Christ there is a relationship between faith and obedience. In the book it says that obedience is the fruit of faith. Faith alone unites us with Christ and Christ alone.

If faith in Christ leaves you unchanged you do not have the saving faith. Obedience is the fruit that shows our faith is alive. We have to remember that faith by itself is nothing/dead if it has no works. Steps to Christ is a wonderful book filled with wonderful promise from our loving God. Its nice the Mrs. White dedicates each chapter to getting closer to God and making sure you keep the spiritual fire going in your lives by staying “connected” with him. I know that this book has changed my life and I encourage any one to read it, as I am positive through the grace of God it is life changing.


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