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Stages of Human Development

Stages of Human Development In life there are three discrete stages. In each stage we encounter, we begin to adapt and cope with our surroundings better. Although every person is different, we develop personalities as we go through these cycles that give us the ability to deal with what will occur in the next step ahead of us. As human beings we all go through various stages of growth and development. These stages take us from early childhood through adolescence, and finally, to adulthood. In childhood, we are essentially passive and dependant on others.

We need our parents to provide for our needs, but we tend to be plenty of help along the way. We take our parents and the help they give us for granted. We learn to do chores and prepare for life. We can do this by the lessons we are continuously learning and being taught in this stage. As we move from early childhood to adolescence, we undergo a series of radical changes. We grow into our adult bodies and experience the changes of puberty. This process may make us very emotional and temperamental. Our attitude can be negative and at times think we know more than we do.

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Through all these changes we experience, we start seeing the adult we want to become along the way. If we are fortunate enough to survive adolescence, we make the often difficult transition to adulthood. Entering adulthood we must step out of our parents shadow and take on all the responsibilities life may throw our way. We understand that hard work eventually pays off and that it is a responsibility we must engage to start a family of our own. We acquire many aspects that make us who we were born to be.

Maturity, intelligence, and patience are three great aspects we obtain in this stage. Human development is a long and hard process that can seem to take forever. In childhood, we depend on our parents entirely. In adolescence, although we still have our parents to provide for us, we want to take control and have all the responsibility. Finally as we step into adulthood, we realize how our parents prepared us for what we will face in the last stage of our life. We grow up wishing to be an adult and when it finally happens we wish we appreciated being a child more.


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